Dragonflies and Light Green

Posted by Whiz on August 30, 2015

In the morning after writing and spiritual study, I sit quietly with the routine of wide angle vision and countdowns and listen. As I was quietly doing this exercise, I saw movement directly in front of me while sitting on my balcony.

Dozens of dragon flies were darting about, zig-zagging up, down, forward, sudden reversals of directions. There didn’t appear any obvious reason for their flight patterns other than for the pure joy of movement. So many of them, some as large as small birds, all flitting about with their double wings moving them in all directions.

I have read that dragon flies consume thousands of mosquitoes…many times their weight each and every day. I didn’t see mosquitoes up at the level of my balcony though there are close to the ground around a small pond, but they surely must have been seeing them!

This flurry of dragon fly activity captured my interest and attention. I enjoyed watching for several minutes, and then they were gone! It is not unusual to see dragon flies in my area, but it is unusual to see this many in all sizes flying about up at this level.

Or is it? Have I been missing this air show on other mornings as I sit on my balcony to read simply because I’ve not been paying attention to this flurry of activity? Was this a feeding frenzy, or simply a flying for the pure joy of flying exercise? I choose the joy of flying response!

Another practice that I’ve been working with recently is that of choosing a different color for each day. Today I chose light lime green, the color of new growth found on many plants. Rather this color felt as though it chose me when it popped into my head to be my color for today. I first thought was that I wouldn’t be able to find many things with that color as I went through my day. ┬áIt isn’t a common color…..or so I thought until I began looking more closely.

I first noticed the underside of the leaves and the tiny stems attaching the petunias to the vine on this plant that sits on the table next to where I write–bright, light, lemony-lime green! Next I notice the outer edges of the geranium leaves also have that color all around each leaf on the outside edge. The tips of new growth on the Boston fern. The stems and thin leaves on the asparagus fern. The outer edge on the coleus that as the band of this brilliant green set against their deep burgundy purple of the centers and that highlights and complements that light, bright, lime green.

Then I notice the grasses of certain weeds growing amongst the dark greens of the grass lawn are this same light green. The new growth tips on the pine trees along the edge of the marsh. The outer edges and undersides of Princess Gem magnolia right below where I sit, the fronds of the Bald Cypress trees nearby, the marsh grasses awash with all sorts of greens and that have this bright light green mixed in and now stand out to me as if electrified. What wonderful swirls of this brilliant green shows up as I take notice of all the places this beautiful color has already shown up for me every day!

Fun experience! So much to see when we pause, look closely, paying attention and see what has always been present. How easily this beautiful color that’s not the main feature of a plant and can be missed when not paying attention.

Love this color. I love noticing this color showing up in so many places. This color represents fresh, new growth, bright, promise, complementary, highlights….all uplifting in feeling and appearance! Thank you for showing up light lime green!


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