Willingness to know Truth

Posted by Whiz on February 18, 2012

Looking up the Tao Te Ching, I was moved with finding what #1 reads:
The tao that can be told
is not the eternal Tao
The name that can be named
is not the eternal Name.

The unnamable is the eternally real.
Naming is the origin
of all particular things.

Free from desire, you realize the mystery.
Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations.

Yet mystery and manifestations
arise from the same source.
This source is called darkness.

Darkness within darkness.
The gateway to all understanding

This is what feels out of balance…..the naming rather than being. As I move away from that game and accept understanding rather than looking for manifestations, clarity, calmness, quietude, all is well. Yes, all is well. This is all part of my abundance mind set…..instant in season, no struggle, rejoice. I love the idea of “the gateway to all understanding”.

Error goes to the place where it can give itself up…….interesting concept. A magazine came yesterday addressed to Bill. I started to toss it out but decided to look at it. It’s from spinal cord injury perspective. This is a new publication, not something that Bill had ever read. I looked it over. Some good stuff….”adapt, connect, achieve” messages, including aging in a chair, called “Life in Action”. I remember how doctors were astonished at Bill’s life, always asking what he did to be doing so well. He was unusual in regard to being one of very few ever to live so long after his particular type of neck injury, and they were curious about him. He could’ve contributed much to this publication. I thought I too could write some good articles, so I start to read the magazine. But I am grateful to know that I am not interested in going back there in memory and thoughts. I am so very grateful all that medical is not part of my day to day experience any more even as I know that there was so much more to what was going on with Bill and as Bill throughout all those times. Perhaps some writing along these lines will show up eventually for me to offer in similar venues.

What Bill was most successful in doing was that he did not accept all their projections about what he could expect to go wrong. Yes, he did look to me for his strength and guidance. I felt weighed down because I didn’t understand that this was looking to God, good, One Mind, directing more than to the human me. I felt very much like a human me that was expected to do more than any human could be expected or capable of doing. So now the veil has lifted. Thank you Bill for your gentle, tender guidance with integrity that pointed so far above human I didn’t always recognize it. Thank you God for the awareness with the reading of this publication that neither of us is locked into that chair any more.

Error gave itself up.

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