Rainy days and Mondays, gratitude, & memories

Posted by Whiz on November 28, 2011

I am grateful for rainy days and Mondays. Unlike the Carpenter’s singing how “it always gets me down”, I feel especially cozy listening to the gentle raindrops as they fall on the skylights creating a peaceful rhythmic background music for my quiet morning study time.

I am grateful for this time to reflect with gratitude as I remember sitting in Sunday School many, many years ago, if counting trips around the sun, but only a moment ago in my thought. This little girl of 6 or 7 sat during the silent prayer time that is part of Christian Science services before repeating aloud the Lord’s Prayer. I vividly remember how earnest she was as she asked God for His help to be good, to help her see and do what was asked of her today and every day, and I remember how honest and earnest this little girl felt as she spoke this desire silently to God.

I’m grateful for another event experienced by this same little girl that came into my thoughts this morning. There was a family living nearby where this little girl lived around that same time as she attended that Sunday School. They had a granddaughter that would come to visit. She was older than I was but the grandparents loved that I would come over to visit her whenever she came to see them. She was blind. I didn’t really have a conception of what blind was even when they explained to me that she had an accident when very young that left her without sight.

I would play games with her on their front sidewalk, asking her to guess whether she was standing on the grass or the sidewalk. When she would guess correctly, I would get so excited and happy, then say to her, “see, I think you are starting to see a little!!” She would laugh, jump up and down and be so happy with that idea, wanting to play the game over and over. And yes, I fully expected this to be true, that she was able to see a little more each day.

The only other recollections I have about this blind friend were of her parents thanking me for helping her laugh. I don’t know where she is, how she is, having had no other contact with her from then to now. Yet, this morning I felt connected to her. I feel connected to that other little girl who helped her to find laughter in little things too.

There is a sense of joy remembering these two little girls in their innocence and gentleness, as they rejoiced in the moment, free from any sense of burden or hurt or guilt. I am so very grateful for this awareness and remembrance.

Thank you.

I’m grateful for this reminder. Hopefully you can click on link below and listen to an oldie but goodie song from The Carpenters.


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  1. Jet Tucker says:

    Oh, Barb,

    I just love this piece! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful memories!