Random Acts of Kindness II

Posted by Whiz on March 17, 2010

elf houseStill smiling from my listening to Il Divo’s magnificent music posted earlier today, I answer the door and meet a smiling face on someone who was asking if she had the right house….. is the house that has the tree with the face on it that stands alongside the road that runs behind our house near the back entrance to the subdivision?

Of course I answered, yes, this is the house. (I had posted a picture of this tree with the face and Elf House on an earlier blog….see picture) She proceeded to tell me what a joy and pleasure it is to look for this tree each time she drives in this way. She mentioned how she loves to drive slowly when passing so that she can see and enjoy the smiling face of the tree’s friendly face alongside the road and how this always brings her a smile, especially when she sees the elf house installed at the base.

I love it too. We did have such fun decorating that little elf house where granddaughter Anna and I planted flowers near the doorway, plus we added little trees at Woody’s base (that’s what we named our tree), adding wreaths to the little windows at Christmas time, plus adding a red bow around Woody’s neck.

This spreader of kindness standing at my door also told how she loved to slow down see the view each time she passed but especially today when she noticed the little stone steps that are leading up to the front door of the elf house. Part of my joy in working with my granddaughter was all the fun we had putting those stones in place. But now when I hear how the joy both she and her husband feel as they drive past this tree, makes it even more fun of a memory.

I feel joy each time I see this tree too. What a bonus joy it is to hear that it brings a smile into her day as well. What a treat that she took time to stop and tell me…..really adds to the spreading of joy, don’t you think? How a simple acts of kindness can spread much joy!

Simple acts of kindness….yes, but are they really random? I think they happen often. It takes little effort to stop and spread the joy. I hope that sharing this simple act of kindness, helps with making your day one of smiles too. Pass it on.


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  1. Beca says:

    Thank you Barbara for this great reminder about kindness.