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Posted by Whiz on June 14, 2013

I’ve been working with a daily discipline of reading, writing and quiet reflection of spiritual thoughts, ideas, Bible Lessons, and discovery that keep thoughts focused and at peace.

Today’s exercise revolves around the command to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Some of the insights that came to me brought new understanding surrounding these profound words of direction on how we live our lives.

Today is June 14, my 15th day of a walk through a 28-Day Shift to Wealth exercise. I love discovering enlarged and enlightening ideas with each walk through this pathway shift. Today is loving my neighbor as myself day. Yes, of course. We all understand that basically we are to love our neighbors. I love discovering also that we are Love Loving Itself as Itself, God’s (Love’s) expression. Enlarging this concept, why would we not love our neighbor in this same profound way?

In my quest of living Truth and listening to this voice in my head, that tries to sound like me, I realize that this neighbor going on at times in my head does not sound very loving. I now better understand that this voice is not really me even though it does a very good imitation. What a relief to discover that is not me. Is not the God expression, so I let it go.Yet still, that voice lingers within my head repeating less than God ideas.

Today’s exercise has me stepping back, looking outside in and be an objective observer, paying attention to what this voice as me was saying, both out loud, to myself about myself, and to others about myself, or to myself about others.

The first realization I had is that for all the awakening taking place within me and my experience that is enabling me to soften my views of what’s going on around me, that critic within continues sounding critical (and sounding very much like me) when referring to myself. This most definitely is not the voice of any neighbor I would go out of my way to be around if given a choice.

With the objective observer perspective, this voice can be easily recognized as not me, God, Truth or Love speaking, surely not how Love Loving Itself would speak. I am aware enough that I no longer believe what this voice says, yet I notice that I continue to give this counterfeit voice a space to speak, to hang out, day in and day out within my thoughts that pulls me down. Time for more enlightening discovery and remove any sense of credibility to that critical voice. Time to love my neighbor as myself, AS myself as my neighbor.

A twist on the words brings clarity as to my One Source, the one that I allow to hang out in thought. I no longer am tempted to believe that 2+2=5, not even for an instant do I believe that to be true. I no longer am tempted to examine why that equation isn’t true. In like manner, I need no longer be tempted to believe that voice.

That voice that sounds like me, yet carries many of the words I heard as a child that attached to my belief system as a truth about me, I now discover this is, in fact,not me at all It is not my mother, her mother, my sister, or even the world thought when sounding critical.

As an observer I see that voice of criticism must be impersonalized. It does not speak truth, it is error, DWAB, serpent, devil, untrue, a lie. We know that the only validity of a lie is to be believed as true. Once seen as a lie, it simply dissolves, disappears. The truth is God is the only Creator, and He makes only good.

My work is to listen and let Truth uncover the error that needs to be healed. Stop rehearsing what’s not true. Stand fast in the truth of Love as the only creator.

Let go. Trust.

Love my neighbor as myself.


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