Here I am again!

Posted by Whiz on March 10, 2013

Many months since my last post. Many changes in life, address, life style. Many new discoveries along the way.

Still a resident of South Carolina but no longer in the Upstate. I’ve moved back to the Low Country, Mt Pleasant to be precise. This travel adventure has had many twists and turns that have not been written about in this blog, although they have chronicled from within an on-going adventure called life.

Much of what’s occurred within the last few months came about quickly as I remain open to new ideas, and because of my daughter and granddaughter’s help in finding this lovely new home, and working out many of the preliminary details for me.

New adventure. New location. New possibilities. Beauty and art everywhere along the way.

I moved in January to this location that is less than a mile as a bird flies from where I lived over 20 years ago. A place I am surprised to learn I live. A beautiful place with views of the Wando River, marshes, Live Oak trees, and more.

I’m grateful to be living close to family. I an grateful for re-establishing friendships from long ago. I’m grateful for the smooth transition with what seemed to be an impossible task of down-sizing, moving from 4-bedroom house to 1-bedroom apartment, determining what will fit, what will go. I’m grateful for the freedom of no longer having care and concern about maintenance of house and yard. I am grateful for loving family, friends and neighbors all coming together to make this happen.

Here is view from balcony.

View from balcony

Similar views from my bedroom window so as I awake each morning, this is what I see as I center my thoughts on Truth for the day. One morning after breathing in this beautiful scene, I turned over and my eyes rested upon one of my paintings that I’d painted a number of years ago. One of the few paintings of mine that I brought with me. I love how peaceful I feel when looking at it. I’ve not yet hung it and have it leaning against the wall sitting atop my bookshelves.

As I was looking at this painting one morning, I was struck with how similar to the picture I saw out my bedroom window was the picture I saw in my room. I looked back at the outside view, then back again to the painting. The similarity of the colors, grasses, trees, and water was uncanny. When I painted this painting, the model for it came from no specific place, but rather was a collection from my mind’s eye view plus various reference books coming together on the canvas.

The painting has a barn in it that the view does not. When I painted this painting, my thoughts were on the open spaces of farmland with my adding the barn as part of the setting because I love barns, not because it was a specific barn in specific location.

Now, as I change the fields to marshes, without changing the colors, what I see is it’s as if the painting was modeled while I was looking at the views outside my window.


Or could it possibly be the mind’s eye (as in the divine) seeing this setting long before I did?

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