Unexpected Gifts

Posted by Whiz on December 2, 2011

Sometimes gifts show up in unexpected ways and when we’re least looking for them.

I received a beautiful gift although at first glance when first showed up, it was disguised as a problem. For several days I have been cleaning, painting, moving refrigerator, etc. at my sister in law’s rental house nearby, preparing house for young couple who wanted to move in this weekend. Much clean up has been required as this house has been vacant for over a year. I live nearby and my sister in law lives in Charlotte, so it seemed natural that I help out.

Finally all work had been completed, cleaning supplies loaded into car, all doors locked, and the garage door opener was left on kitchen counter for the new renters, electric garage door closed from inside, and I left via the side garage door which I locked on my way out. As soon as I had closed the door, I stopped. Oh no. What had I done?! My car was in the garage. With my car keys, including the house key, my cell phone, everything locked inside the garage. Hello. What was I thinking?

I paused. Really had to fight the urge to slap myself upside the head for doing something so, so, so, so…..stupid. Heard the angel message to walk next door to call rental manager so he could bring another key. Neighbor was most friendly and helpful and preparing for a dinner party soon to begin. Rental manager was tied up and unable to help. Next angel thought (with many interrupting less than productive thoughts in between) I remembered that I had recently found an extra key to this house at my house.

One of neighbor’s guests drove me to my house, waited for me to find the key, and then drove me back to the house. I poked my head inside to thank neighbor once again for her help. She invited me in for glass of wine. I hesitated, but agreed after much insistence from all the guests. Enjoyed beautiful conversations with new friends. Then walked next door to retrieve my car. What a gift.

I drove home feeling uplifted and rejuvenated, taking the garage door opener with me just in case…..

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