Love Letters and blueberries

Posted by Whiz on June 15, 2013

June 15 was my mother’s birthday.

Today is day 16 of the shift to wealth exercise I continue with. And today’s exercise is to write a love letter to myself day. This morning I did just that, Sat right down and wrote myself a letter.

Wasn’t that fun to watch!? !had to look it up as the words rolled around in thought

Writing myself a letter is an interesting experience. Wonder what future self will have to say when she gets this letter. Remembering that there is only NOW, I believe that she will enjoy reading about where I am(was) when I wrote it. Interesting experience. Try it sometime.

As I noted above, today was the day we celebrated my mother’s b-day. No particular sadness as I think about her. Yes, I miss her, yet the gratitude I feel for who she was fills my thoughts of her more than sadness.

And thoughts of blueberries come to mind when I think of her.

My mother baked delicious blueberry pies. She was delighted to learn that I had a blueberry bush in the back yard of the place she would call home after moving in with my husband and me a number of years ago.

This was a remarkable bush that unfailingly produced perfect amount of blueberries, enough for several pies, batches of muffins, crisps, brown bettys, and enough for sharing with the birds, raccoons and squirrels those berries that grew on branches too high to reach or those that fell to the ground and were buried in the ivy that grew beneath this bush. I called it remarkable because this bush grew and produced a perfect crop of blueberries every year while growing under a canopy of tall pine trees, mixed in with several dogwoods. We know that blueberry bushes love open sunshine.

The blueberry requires a male and a female in order to reproduce, as well as bright sunshine, so how was this lone blueberry bush able to find exactly what it needed to not just grow, but thrive, right there planted under dappled shade and with no obvious male bush present or in sight? It was always a delight and wonder to me. I had the added delight and benefit of fresh blueberries on my cereal in addition to all the baked wonders wielded through my mother’s culinary touch and love of baking and blueberries.

Yes, June 15, brings memories of my mother. And has me thinking about blueberries. Missing them both yet grateful to remember how remarkable both my mother and that blueberry bush she so loved were.

After writing my love letter to myself, I did a Google search curious as to where I could find fresh blueberries to pick in this new location of where I now live. I discover that there are many. Enough to provide me with several new adventures of day trips to not too far away You-Pick Farms. And I discovered that there is a farm with fresh you-pick blueberries that’s less than few miles away from where I live.


Now I’m off for a fun day trip, singing this song of writing myself a love letter playing in my head as I drive.

Hmmm, wonder what Google search for blueberries might turn up?

No, not Fats, but will have to do.

I’m off to my adventure while cherishing fond memories of my mother, blueberries, as well as husband, and father close in thoughts too what with Father’s Day tomorrow.

Filled up full with love, letters, and happy memories.


9 Responses to “Love Letters and blueberries”

  1. Jet says:

    Barb, I loved reading this, and now I want blueberry something, too!

  2. Beca Lewis says:

    Hi Barbara – can’t tell you how much I love this! Thank you for sharing this idea of love letter to yourself – and you KNOW I loved that dance. You bring so much to all of us, and I am very grateful for it! (and .. I HAD blueberries at lunch today – all working in perfect harmony)!

  3. Michal McKeown says:

    Hi Barbara,
    How wonderful to tag along through your memories of family and blueberries. You have written a love letter about you and your family. Here is a universal experience written from your experience. Somehow it brings me closer to my family.

  4. Whiz says:

    Hope you find something blueberry to enjoy Jet! I discovered home-made blueberry bread at the fresh market. Had not ever tried it. Delicious plus already made for me!

  5. Whiz says:

    Blueberries….for breakfast, lunch, dinner.. perfect harmony indeed, makes one want to dance! Thank YOU, Beca, for the idea of writing love letters to ourselves in the first place! Leads to many interesting and beautiful discoveries.

  6. Whiz says:

    I love to hear this Michal! Thank you for being part of my family!

  7. Jamie says:

    Loved reading about some of your favorite memories and journeying back in time with you Barb! Glad to know you wrote yourself a much deserved love letter too. I will be craving blueberries now til I get ahold of some 🙂

  8. Whiz says:

    Thanks Jamie. Fun to have you join me on the memories.
    Yes, blueberries…. think the blueberry bug has bitten us all.

    I found some nearby, already picked…didn’t have go picking.

  9. Diane says:

    Thanks for sharing. I love the reminder to write a letter to myself. I might just go ahead and do it. When I went to camp in Maine as a kid we had blueberry bushes outside our bunk and our soccer field was also a strawberry field. Great memories. Now I love going to the farmers market and getting super yummy berries- practically year round. I love that you inserted video and audio into your blog. Very impressive!