Flash Intent with blue jays

Posted by Whiz on January 20, 2012

My experience today showed me how to move through a flash of intention as I took a few moments to pause, observe, listen.

Today I had my annual eye exam as is required in order to get a new prescription for my contact lenses.
I was told that the right eye prescription had changed from 1.75 to a 3. which is almost twice the strength I have been using. That was quite a significant increase as typically the lenses power prescription doesn’t change from year to year.

I mused out loud wondering whether this meant my intuition was deteriorating. The doctor smiled, cocking his head and saying he didn’t understand, and asked what I meant. I mentioned that the right side is typically associated with the female/feminine and this is generally associated with intuition. I also said that the left then is associated with male/masculine, and is associated more with taking action. He smiled, making a comment about that is rather the way of the world.

I then suggested that the ideal would be that we all express both the masculine and the feminine…all of us, both male and female, and in balance, complete. He didn’t respond, just smiled,.

I realized that I was looking at the idea of needing more powerful contact lenses for my right eye as significant as a symbol, indicating that my intuitive listening was deteriorating. This was coming purely from thinking that I was human, but I know the truth behind letting go of that idea and trusting perfection.

I have had difficulty seeing clearly off and on for a while now, so I was grateful that I was able to now see more clearly.

I decided to stop for lunch, and found a lovely place in a park over-looking Lake Hartwell. As I parked and opened my windows to enjoy the fresh air, I heard a large group of bluejays calling out loudly overhead, flitting about in the tree tops, playing and singing to one another. I smiled remembering that this is the bird for January and blue jay has showed up to remind me to move up higher with my thoughts.

Yes. Definitely a great reminder for greater resourcefulness and adaptability. Such a simple, yet happy, reminder that talents simply must be developed and utilized rather than doubted and limited. Realizing that this is why they showed up for me at this particular time to remind me to lift up my thinking and seeing, I smiled again.

I recognized that my ability to see is not something that comes through a physical eye, nor a contact lense. Sight is a spiritual quality….can never diminish….regardless of any story working to be heard telling the opposite.

I shall continue to trust that I need have no fear. I love that the blue jay doesn’t migrate but was still here and has showed up as a perfect reminder for me today. No pretenders here. The blue jays playfully reminding that the One Source remains at peace, not needing ears to hear, nor eyes to see. Thank you!

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Qualities, Truth and Blue Jays

Posted by Whiz on September 21, 2010

So many discoveries and awareness’s unfolding to my thought. I decided to make up a list of right identity qualities that I know are mine as an expression of God.

As I sat and looked at all those qualities I realized that they are all present in the infinitude of One Mind, One Cause, One Creator. Why am I making lists? To highlight them to keep them upper most in my thought.

As I look around and see beauty all around me, I am so grateful. I listen within and hear… I must be more accepting of my innate abilities within as already here, present, now. This Principle of man was dawning upon my thought and unfolding as ideas, qualities, that are not born of persons, but are from God. Yes, we express them, but we don’t invent them.

I then went back over all of the qualities words I had written down, again, listening within, and with a quiet connection with my source, asking myself what do these words really mean?

I thought of the story of the prodigal son, remembering the words the father spoke to the older brother when he expressed jealousy at the father’s special favor and joy with the prodigal’s return, saying to the elder, “son thou art ever with me, all that I have is thine.”

Could it be simply a matter that I too need to “look up, and see….the fields are already white for harvest”? Instead of asking for more of these qualities to be expressed in me, was my Father saying that I needed to “look up”? It’s already mine because as our Father/Mother/God tells us, “All that I have is thine.”

Blue jays have been showing up many, many times recently. I found it interesting to learn from a book called, Animal Speak, that blue jay comes to remind us to “pay attention”, “wake up to your innate abilities”, “no more pretending”.

I realize that there is a yearning to know a dimension of love that I have not been aware of before. I am realizing that it’s showing up for me now. It is actually Love’s own awareness that’s asserting itself in my life.

A writer in a Christian Sentinel magazine shared a testimony of healing of a long-standing ailment. In her testimony, she shared her reading of one of Mary Baker Eddy’s sayings, “No, no, love’s not like that” when told of some human situation going on.

We know that good is made up of beauty, love, harmony, creativity. When we fully realize this truth, we are better able to reject any claim of non-good that tries to show up. We can say to it, “no, no, harmony isn’t like that”, “good isn’t like that.”

The workers at the mint become so familiar with the genuine dollar bills that the counterfeit bills stand out clearly and enables the alert worker to immediately spot the counterfeits, and then reject them. So can we also be better at recognizing the counterfeit thoughts and reject them as we become more familiar with Truth, with good. As we understand the true qualities of goodness, those counterfeit pictures stand out clearly to our thought, and we say “No, no, good’s not like that”, and we simply don’t allow the counterfeit in.

This is how we “stand porter at the door of thought….” and express our higher awareness’s of good and is like a light that bursts through the darkness and moves away from fear.

“The spiritual reality is the scientific fact in all things” (S&H 207:27)

Copy of Music – Into the Day – by George and Charles – 1 – 2 – No Life Divided

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Lessons from a goose

Posted by Whiz on April 26, 2010

We usually see geese traveling together in a group, right? How often does one hear mention of a goose other than reference to Mother Goose or as a Christmas dinner? So imagine my surprise when I saw a single and lone goose recently.

I had been spending some quiet time standing near a lake, embracing a beech tree whose dense leaves were protecting me from the gentle raindrops that were falling. I noticed a lone goose walking across the street nearby from where I was standing. I wondered where he came from….why didn’t he fly in? Why was he alone? Calling him “goose” sounded a bit strange as I stood there observing. I’ve always thought of them as geese, not goose….don’t remember ever seeing one fly alone. I was alert to seeing the symbolism of the scene.

My goose continued walking across the sandy area then quietly entering into the water with a gentle grace causing small circles moving out slowly from his body as he transitioned from walking to floating in one effortless move. These circles were soft and gentle, rippling outward on the surface of the quiet lake waters, symbolizing and feeling like the epitome of gentleness to me.

Imagine my surprise and wonder as the quietude of the event was broken with the loud and plaintive honk, honk, honking as the goose began sounding out to the community as if calling for a friend or mate. This repeated and unanswered honking continued without pause for upwards of five minutes. I watched closely to see whether another goose was in the area. No response. No new goose appeared on the scene.

After the honking session, the goose proceeded to tuck his head under wing and took a nap, evidently quite unperturbed that his cries were unanswered. I stood and continued to watch for a long while, then left to go on with my day carrying the gentle peacefulness of the scene within. The thought of melancholy did try to attach to my thought as I thought about this lone goose that appeared as still alone even after repeated calls out to the vast openness of the empty waters. I let it go and stayed with the picture of peacefulness of him at rest, trading the sad for peace.

Looking up “goose” in Animal Speak, I was delighted to find the references to Mother Goose stories and rhymes that were designed to quiet children, and how these fairy tales captured the imaginations of children and adults. I have always loved Mother Goose tales. The goose can thusly be reflecting stimulation of childhood thrills and beliefs that author Ted Andrews recommends we go back and revisit some of these loved stories that will help us to see how and why they resonated with us so strongly, also to help us see the patterns in our own lives.

I reflect on other mentions in the book. Does my goose carry a message that I need to add more vegetables to my diet? Is that why my goose that I saw felt so alone in view of the fact that geese typically mate for life? Where was his mate? Are we both looking for our one special person/goose? Is this why I love the “happily ever after” endings to fairy tales? Or could my message be coming to me through exemplifying migration patterns, and stirring imaginations to want to search out new worlds? I discover that the incessant honking could represent a calling to us to follow them on a great spiritual quest. Is this what’s speaking to and calling me? Calling with messages of fulfilling promises that great quests may bring?

I love discovering how this idea that as goose comes into my life, I can expect to have my imaginations stirred toward new travels to distant places. I love how the goose epitomizes the constantly shifting formations, creating wind drafts and easier flights for those traveling behind in the formations. I love the image that geese never fly directly behind one another but rather each goose’s view is unobstructed through flying in the V-formation and how this arrowhead formation points to new directions and new possibilities. I love discovering that the letter “v” comes from the Hebrew “vau” meaning “nail” and how this formation indicates that we are about to affix ourselves to a new path, What a beautiful symbol. What a powerful voice and great strengthening message I hear from my lone goose that visited me that rainy day and that has triggered and stirred my imaginations towards new travels.