Posted by Whiz on March 15, 2010

I listen to this often. I’ve not discerned the import of the message to me yet but I know that it is calling me. So I listen often and patiently wait to know the higher message for me.

Listen to the halleluja, praising.
Hear the beauty of voices and orchestra.

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Lessons from turkey vultures

Posted by Whiz on March 15, 2010

I couldn’t believe it either. I wanted the bird to be an eagle, not a vulture. I was told that’s what that magnificent bird was I saw perched high up in a tree that day and as he caught my eye as I drove past. There he was sitting high up in the top branches of the tall tree with his wings expanded, stationary, looking like a kite awaiting lift-off….I was certain it was an eagle. Doesn’t Eagle sound so much more inspiring than vulture as a symbol used for teaching us and giving us inspiration of how we are to move through life?

I’ve been paying closer attention to symbols that show up in my life….all part of my journey within. Okay, I was willing to accept that this vulture maybe was showing up as a help to me as I clean up in various areas of my life. But I much preferred the thought of it being a majestic eagle for my inspiration.

I saw this large, graceful bird soaring overhead when I drove past that same tree later in the day….no longer sitting in tree, but moving high and soaring. Good reminders, to soar over the mess, glide over the cleaning efforts of removal of stacks and stacks of papers and “stuff” that accumulates.

Then the next day what do I see while driving? Another of that same type of bird, gliding effortlessly high overhead. I then saw another, and another, and another, until a total of 15 were all soaring over my head….effortlessly gliding…..all of them with total grace and without apparent effort.

This really captured my attention. I knew they had something more powerful to teach me than just helping with my clean up. I had to look more closely, listen within and learn what these “upward soaring beings” were saying with their showing up for me with such numbers.

I enjoy Ted Andrews’ book called “Animal Speak”. This is an interesting and informative dictionary of various animals and birds where he discusses how the wisdom of various creatures in the animal world can help us recognize and interpret them. It’s fun to read about how we may learn from nature, and sometimes easier to hear truths about ourselves coming through nature rather than God.

Turns out there are many pages written pertaining to vulture….many interesting ideas. I’ll share just a few. New vision….yes, they have a wonderful ability to see…..what an inspiration, and great reminder. Even though the vulture is sometimes considered a symbol of heaven and earth, spirit and matter, good and evil, guardian and avenger, these many myths surrounding this symbol, they all indicate that vulture restores harmony.

Since vultures are probably the most misunderstood and misaligned bird, and since people (including me) have often seen them as gross and associate them only with death, the idea of having good vision certainly elevates this perception of vulture, doesn’t it.

The vulture also can be a symbol of purification that restores harmony. As they soar with a grace and an ease that is thrilling to watch, it helps uplift the seeming mundane experiences so that we see them as misperceptions. We learn that as we let go of the misperceptions, as we trust all good and One Creater, all complete, we know that we too can soar above anything that tries to pull us down……helps us to know that the authority to move without restriction or feeling weighed down can never be taken away.

The vulture is known for their wonderful ability to see and how it uses the thermals rising from the earth, to give lift to their flight. Their ability to use the thermals is often likened to the ability to see the subtle energy emanations from the body, similar to that we’ve all seen as we dirve down a road on a hot day and see the heat rising off the road.

The vulture is also known to have a powerful sense of smell……can help me to smell out something that doesn’t quite smell right in my life. Who wouldn’t enjoy and appreciate this ability?!

I love this reminder that we too have the ability to see and feel the lift, the love, the support and perfection all around us, complete. No opposition. All good. One Creator. Yes, the vulture helps remind me how to fly.

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