Love Letters and blueberries

Posted by Whiz on June 15, 2013

June 15 was my mother’s birthday.

Today is day 16 of the shift to wealth exercise I continue with. And today’s exercise is to write a love letter to myself day. This morning I did just that, Sat right down and wrote myself a letter.

Wasn’t that fun to watch!? !had to look it up as the words rolled around in thought

Writing myself a letter is an interesting experience. Wonder what future self will have to say when she gets this letter. Remembering that there is only NOW, I believe that she will enjoy reading about where I am(was) when I wrote it. Interesting experience. Try it sometime.

As I noted above, today was the day we celebrated my mother’s b-day. No particular sadness as I think about her. Yes, I miss her, yet the gratitude I feel for who she was fills my thoughts of her more than sadness.

And thoughts of blueberries come to mind when I think of her.

My mother baked delicious blueberry pies. She was delighted to learn that I had a blueberry bush in the back yard of the place she would call home after moving in with my husband and me a number of years ago.

This was a remarkable bush that unfailingly produced perfect amount of blueberries, enough for several pies, batches of muffins, crisps, brown bettys, and enough for sharing with the birds, raccoons and squirrels those berries that grew on branches too high to reach or those that fell to the ground and were buried in the ivy that grew beneath this bush. I called it remarkable because this bush grew and produced a perfect crop of blueberries every year while growing under a canopy of tall pine trees, mixed in with several dogwoods. We know that blueberry bushes love open sunshine.

The blueberry requires a male and a female in order to reproduce, as well as bright sunshine, so how was this lone blueberry bush able to find exactly what it needed to not just grow, but thrive, right there planted under dappled shade and with no obvious male bush present or in sight? It was always a delight and wonder to me. I had the added delight and benefit of fresh blueberries on my cereal in addition to all the baked wonders wielded through my mother’s culinary touch and love of baking and blueberries.

Yes, June 15, brings memories of my mother. And has me thinking about blueberries. Missing them both yet grateful to remember how remarkable both my mother and that blueberry bush she so loved were.

After writing my love letter to myself, I did a Google search curious as to where I could find fresh blueberries to pick in this new location of where I now live. I discover that there are many. Enough to provide me with several new adventures of day trips to not too far away You-Pick Farms. And I discovered that there is a farm with fresh you-pick blueberries that’s less than few miles away from where I live.


Now I’m off for a fun day trip, singing this song of writing myself a love letter playing in my head as I drive.

Hmmm, wonder what Google search for blueberries might turn up?

No, not Fats, but will have to do.

I’m off to my adventure while cherishing fond memories of my mother, blueberries, as well as husband, and father close in thoughts too what with Father’s Day tomorrow.

Filled up full with love, letters, and happy memories.


Learning to Love

Posted by Whiz on June 14, 2013

I’ve been working with a daily discipline of reading, writing and quiet reflection of spiritual thoughts, ideas, Bible Lessons, and discovery that keep thoughts focused and at peace.

Today’s exercise revolves around the command to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Some of the insights that came to me brought new understanding surrounding these profound words of direction on how we live our lives.

Today is June 14, my 15th day of a walk through a 28-Day Shift to Wealth exercise. I love discovering enlarged and enlightening ideas with each walk through this pathway shift. Today is loving my neighbor as myself day. Yes, of course. We all understand that basically we are to love our neighbors. I love discovering also that we are Love Loving Itself as Itself, God’s (Love’s) expression. Enlarging this concept, why would we not love our neighbor in this same profound way?

In my quest of living Truth and listening to this voice in my head, that tries to sound like me, I realize that this neighbor going on at times in my head does not sound very loving. I now better understand that this voice is not really me even though it does a very good imitation. What a relief to discover that is not me. Is not the God expression, so I let it go.Yet still, that voice lingers within my head repeating less than God ideas.

Today’s exercise has me stepping back, looking outside in and be an objective observer, paying attention to what this voice as me was saying, both out loud, to myself about myself, and to others about myself, or to myself about others.

The first realization I had is that for all the awakening taking place within me and my experience that is enabling me to soften my views of what’s going on around me, that critic within continues sounding critical (and sounding very much like me) when referring to myself. This most definitely is not the voice of any neighbor I would go out of my way to be around if given a choice.

With the objective observer perspective, this voice can be easily recognized as not me, God, Truth or Love speaking, surely not how Love Loving Itself would speak. I am aware enough that I no longer believe what this voice says, yet I notice that I continue to give this counterfeit voice a space to speak, to hang out, day in and day out within my thoughts that pulls me down. Time for more enlightening discovery and remove any sense of credibility to that critical voice. Time to love my neighbor as myself, AS myself as my neighbor.

A twist on the words brings clarity as to my One Source, the one that I allow to hang out in thought. I no longer am tempted to believe that 2+2=5, not even for an instant do I believe that to be true. I no longer am tempted to examine why that equation isn’t true. In like manner, I need no longer be tempted to believe that voice.

That voice that sounds like me, yet carries many of the words I heard as a child that attached to my belief system as a truth about me, I now discover this is, in fact,not me at all It is not my mother, her mother, my sister, or even the world thought when sounding critical.

As an observer I see that voice of criticism must be impersonalized. It does not speak truth, it is error, DWAB, serpent, devil, untrue, a lie. We know that the only validity of a lie is to be believed as true. Once seen as a lie, it simply dissolves, disappears. The truth is God is the only Creator, and He makes only good.

My work is to listen and let Truth uncover the error that needs to be healed. Stop rehearsing what’s not true. Stand fast in the truth of Love as the only creator.

Let go. Trust.

Love my neighbor as myself.


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Lessons from birds

Posted by Whiz on May 18, 2013

It’s been a long while since writing on this blog. My time and focus seem to have been centered with writing in other venues. One of these is through traveling with Beca Lewis’ 28-Day Shift to Wealth that is a beautiful way to discipline daily writings and readings while discovering true wealth. I am continuing to repeat this wealth journey, and am in the 4th consecutive time through, discovering more and going deeper with each journey. I am copying and sharing today’s blog entry here in this blog. I hope to move back into practicing the discipline of writing here on a more consistent basis. I highly recommend the 28-Day Shift to Wealth that’s offered through as part of the Shift Community as a gathering place for members. Check it out:

Day 16, Love Letter Day of the 28 day journey (and beyond!) shifting to wealth. I will admit that I’ve not always actually written this letter on my several times through this exhibition. I have the last few times walking through.

This time through and with greater awareness, this letter almost wrote itself. I am filled with appreciation and acknowledgement of all the qualities from that poem from the Bible in the book of Corinthians referring to those I am qualities, I AM….patient, kind, truthful, protective, trusting, hopeful, persevering, successful. What stood out to me with today’s reading exercise is that many of the qualities come from what I am not….not proud, not rude, not self seeking, not easily angered, etc.

I much prefer stating as a positive of what I am rather than putting into negative of what I am not. This stems from something learned long ago that the sub-conscious doesn’t hear the “not”, and instead hears the “I am proud, rude, self seeking,” etc. Simple act. Profound difference, and this in spite of the truth that there is no subconscious in the realm of Truth, only One Mind, yet most beneficial to see and recognize the subtle distinctions.

This morning I had lovely experience and learning lessons from woodpecker, blue heron, and last week from blue jay, that fits in with today’s discussions surrounding loving ourselves.

Last week I had the privilege of seeing blue jay enjoying a bath in a small puddle in the woods while on a bike ride. I recognized this very private moment we shared is not something blue jay shares with just anyone! Looking up blue jay in Animal Speak I read blue jay to be a reminder to follow through on things, to not be a dabbler but rather become a true master. Reflecting on “the greater resourcefulness and adaptability about to unfold” and see the blue jay as indication of moving away from imbalance was helpful yet it didn’t move me away from the sense of being a dabbler as not so desirable to be.

Then this morning woodpecker showed up in a most distinctive manner of a single call. I couldn’t see it yet knew the call came from nearby branches. A few minutes later I saw the woodpecker fly directly in front on me, eye level, from right to left with the bright red head standing out clearly and most obviously getting my attention.

Animal Speak
mentions that typically woodpecker represents discrimination and the power of rhythm. Yet this woodpecker was not drumming with pecking, only the lone distinctive call and then flying past me. The red headed woodpecker, with the red mantle of feathers covering its head and neck, reflects stimulation of mental activities with awakening to new mental faculties…..stimulating new rhythms, new changes. The typical flight of woodpecker is an up and down flight, fly up, coast down, fly up, coast down, yet this woodpecker flew in a straight line across my range of view. I sense it was telling me to follow my own pattern, my own rhythm, do what works for me in the manner best for me. The foundation is here. Now safe to follow my rhythms.

I realize this post is getting a bit lengthy yet I must make mention of the next bird that showed up this morning. A blue heron. Flying straight towards me, then flying up over my building. Heron represents self determination, self reliance, symbols of balance, progress, exploring life into deeper significance. Blue heron feeds while standing in the water, reflecting a connection to earth while exploring, and this tells me the importance of exploring various activities.

On the surface this appears to be dabbling, the quality I perceived as lacking focus. Yet, here is the blue heron showing up to tell me that there is success through being the traditional “jack of all trades”. This ability enables me to follow my own path in a way that many people would not ever be able to do, not structured, not seeming to have stability and security in it. Yet there is. It’s simply a matter of perspective. Security in heron medicine gives the ability to do a variety of tasks. If one way doesn’t work, another will. Heron people seem to know….inherently.

This message of approval that I may trust this “jack of all trades” path and that I realize is a good thing rather than being out of balance. The heron flying past, head folded back in a flat s-shape loop, feet out behind in a straight line indicates innate wisdom of being able to maneuver through life and life circumstances, that allow movement towards opportunities that may present themselves was a perfect message for me on this write a love letter to myself day.

I am grateful for humility to know who is navigating. Thank you.


Here I am again!

Posted by Whiz on March 10, 2013

Many months since my last post. Many changes in life, address, life style. Many new discoveries along the way.

Still a resident of South Carolina but no longer in the Upstate. I’ve moved back to the Low Country, Mt Pleasant to be precise. This travel adventure has had many twists and turns that have not been written about in this blog, although they have chronicled from within an on-going adventure called life.

Much of what’s occurred within the last few months came about quickly as I remain open to new ideas, and because of my daughter and granddaughter’s help in finding this lovely new home, and working out many of the preliminary details for me.

New adventure. New location. New possibilities. Beauty and art everywhere along the way.

I moved in January to this location that is less than a mile as a bird flies from where I lived over 20 years ago. A place I am surprised to learn I live. A beautiful place with views of the Wando River, marshes, Live Oak trees, and more.

I’m grateful to be living close to family. I an grateful for re-establishing friendships from long ago. I’m grateful for the smooth transition with what seemed to be an impossible task of down-sizing, moving from 4-bedroom house to 1-bedroom apartment, determining what will fit, what will go. I’m grateful for the freedom of no longer having care and concern about maintenance of house and yard. I am grateful for loving family, friends and neighbors all coming together to make this happen.

Here is view from balcony.

View from balcony

Similar views from my bedroom window so as I awake each morning, this is what I see as I center my thoughts on Truth for the day. One morning after breathing in this beautiful scene, I turned over and my eyes rested upon one of my paintings that I’d painted a number of years ago. One of the few paintings of mine that I brought with me. I love how peaceful I feel when looking at it. I’ve not yet hung it and have it leaning against the wall sitting atop my bookshelves.

As I was looking at this painting one morning, I was struck with how similar to the picture I saw out my bedroom window was the picture I saw in my room. I looked back at the outside view, then back again to the painting. The similarity of the colors, grasses, trees, and water was uncanny. When I painted this painting, the model for it came from no specific place, but rather was a collection from my mind’s eye view plus various reference books coming together on the canvas.

The painting has a barn in it that the view does not. When I painted this painting, my thoughts were on the open spaces of farmland with my adding the barn as part of the setting because I love barns, not because it was a specific barn in specific location.

Now, as I change the fields to marshes, without changing the colors, what I see is it’s as if the painting was modeled while I was looking at the views outside my window.


Or could it possibly be the mind’s eye (as in the divine) seeing this setting long before I did?

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Darwin’s Tubercle & Dancing on the Planet

Posted by Whiz on August 26, 2012

My search for creative expression lead me to discover that I am part of 10.4% of the population that has this feature. Who knew? Or even wants to know this sort of unimportant, irrelevant even, information? Read on!

There is much to be learned from searching this topic but the short version of it all is, that it’s considered to be a congenital condition present as a thickening on the ear, and so called because its description was first published by Charles Darwin in the opening pages of The Descent of Man, as evidence of a vestigal feature indicating common ancestry among primates.

The gene for Darwin’s Tubercle believed to be inherited yet has incomplete penetrance, meaning that those who possess the gene will not necessarily present the mutation. Similar examples, hind legs on whales, extra toes on horses, teeth in chickens. Wow. Again I ask, who knew?!

My word for today is creative, and my intention is to notice when, where and how I see this expressed throughout my day.

This inspired me to watch again the YouTube video made by Matt Dancing on the Planet ap120710dancing on planet

Watching this expression of joy and dance makes me smile. This then lead me to want to read more about Matt and discover how this video came about, what inspired him, and is where I discovered the above tidbit of information about tubercles. I read that Matt has this Darwin tubercle which he thinks is the coolest name ever for anything (I do too!)

I had no idea what it was and looked up in Wikipedia to learn more, and is where I discovered this picture of human and primate ears. When I looked in the mirror, I discovered that I too have this atavistic feature on my right ear! Of course I had to write about this nonsensical yet comical discovery. Starting a survey….who else has this little known feature. Who knows where this path of discovery may lead?

I stand with Mary Baker Eddy as written in Science and Health p 14, “Entirely separate from the belief and dream of material living, is the Life divine, revealing spiritual understanding and consciousness of man’s dominion over the whole earth.” and move away from this human sense of genetics and congenital ear conditions as having any authority or truth.

Discernment is key to separate error from truth. The light of love shines throughout the world as seen, felt and expressed through the dancing video. I choose the beauty of dance and the humor of discovery.

More to follow on this path of discovery and creativity……

In the meantime, keep dancing! Thank you Matt for this lesson of discovery!


In my own back yard

Posted by Whiz on June 19, 2012

A small discovery showed up for me yesterday as I was reminded that beauty is all around us all the time if we notice. I love hydrangeas and grow a variety of different types that are now in bloom in my yard, appreciating the many shades of their blooms. Those soft blues are my favorites. I love to cut and arrange some stems, placing them in a bowl and pitcher that is in wash stand that sits by my front door.

After finishing making that arrangement, several small pieces had broken off and were left over. As these were quite short, barely enough stem to insert into water, none of even my smallest containers would work.

I stood there holding these blooms, looked around, wondering what to do. I couldn’t just throw these beauties away! Then I noticed a container I’d brought inside just that morning that was filled with small, clear Christmas ornaments. I’d intended that these go to Good Will on one of my de-cluttering runs, but somehow this container had gone unnoticed as I made the drop off and has since been sliding around in the back of my car.

They were the perfect size. I pulled the loop end off two of them, then filled with water and voila! Perfect small containers for these beautiful blooms. One problem….they couldn’t stand on their own….no bottom! I walked around house looking for a place to put them and not roll over. I walked out onto deck, noticed the small planter on the table, then wedged them in amongst the leaves and stems, and saw that they were steady.

As it was another lovely evening, I decided later to eat dinner on the deck. As I sat down to enjoy dinner out there, the picture you see above caught my attention. I loved how the blue in the container was highlighted from the blue of the blooms.

The simplicity in construction, the design, colors blue and green in complete harmony, all came together on their own, and captured my eye as they spoke to me. I decided to snap this picture with my cell phone, then emailed it to myself. (a habit I do often when I chance upon a beautiful scene that I want to save when out and about)

I love how beauty shows up. It’s all around us all the time, isn’t it? We only need to stop, observe, appreciate and now, share.

Sometimes the simplest objects bring the most joy.


Why Don’t We Do What We Know Works and How We Recognize the Lie?

Posted by Whiz on June 14, 2012

I have not written recently in my blog. I have neglected writing my Morning Pages. Both areas of writing are beneficial as they help in getting random thoughts out of my head and down on the paper. Morning pages especially have proven beneficial to addressing this idea as it gets busy and heavy within when left to rumble around and around in thought!

“Morning pages”, so called, is the practice of writing early each morning, sitting down to write before the day’s demands rush in to write down whatever may be traveling through our thoughts. Writing constantly, no stopping, critiquing or correcting grammar or spelling, and without lifting hand from page until three pages have been written. The purpose for this? To clear away that clutter from our head, to make room for thoughts from the heart….messages within…to have room to grow.

Sometimes that voice that sounds like it’s us speaking. It pretends to be helpful, pretends to be constructive, yet all the while it’s creeping in, taking up space, crowding out angel thoughts until we are tricked into believing that that’s our voice, or even worse….God’s voice talking. How we determine whether it’s the talking serpent/liar or not is when we look within to determine how we feel after hearing and listening to the message. Does the message bring a sense of peace? Does it bring a sense of not good?

After writing this morning’s “morning pages”, a piece of yellow paper caught my attention. Where it came from or even how it happened to be on my table at that moment are not clear. But the words were definitely for my attention and consideration. These words were written in my handwriting, not my regular hand writing, but with my left-handwriting, a practice I had to do for several weeks while recovering from a broken shoulder. This left-hand writing was very distinctive, yet recognizably my hand writing practice from several years ago. Definitely attention getting with this slip of paper showing up this morning.

The words I had written and now read were, “It’s a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible and how to find the miracle of joyful living from my own life circumstances.” I do not know what the “it” may have been in reference to….perhaps a tree or bird or plant that had been brought into focus at that time. What it brought into focus for me now was that this message was not easy to hear.

Why has this message resurfaced for me? Especially now with many thoughts popping in and out of my thinking that are trying to say there is not much miracle or success going on? Gratefully I recognize that this is not my true voice that speaks with such thoughts.

Yes, I have succeeded in finding time for quietly listening. For gratitude. For healing thoughts and messages for friends and family. Then that voice comes in with messages that I must do more. That there is not enough…time, money, buyers, clients, listings, income, investments, savings, paintings, successes. No, this cannot be true in this perfect balance of God, good, the One and only Creator kingdom filled with love, harmony and perfection.

Yes, I see demonstrated in remarkably moving and profound ways–small in the physical realm—that do bring moments of clarity. Then that voice that claims to be me sneaks in with niggling thoughts, “you need to do more….”

Ah-Ha! Now I hear it—-this voice….no longer speaking to me with the “I’ word. I have been alert to detecting that voice’s messages and was not listening to as often. So, now it comes in the form of “you”, as if there is another speaking to me from my within. This is a judging voice that sits within and tells me messages about what “you should be doing”. I’ve been listening! But….

Again I say, ah-ha! Now “you” have been seen, recognized……that is not my voice, not God’s voice, not my mother’s voice, children’s voices, nor business, nor articles, not anyone that I need to listen to. It is the subtle….and sometimes not so subtle….voice of error, the talking serpent! I KNOW there is no such thing. Yet with it coming in such a way that I have not been quite as alert to dismiss or to turn it out of thought and say, “get thee behind me…..” You have no reality, no truth, no validity, no creator, no foundation, no……anything that can attach itself to anyone.

The only seeming validity it can appear to possess is for us to believe it…the lie….to be true. A lie once seen as false simply fades into obscurity.

Thank you morning pages. Thank you God. Thank you angels for this small piece of yellow paper showing up today. Thank you for the articles and awareness about serpent showing up. All of this truly is the miracle of joyful living from my own life circumstances.

Even when lulled into brief periods of unawareness, I better recognize that was not me. There is only One, I AM. All is now. All is love.

That feels so much lighter!


The Life of Flowers

Posted by Whiz on March 3, 2012

The Life of Flowers

Life adventures and learning lessons. Hope that this link is published as planned. It is another example of beauty unfolding all around us….effortless as we stay present and allow this expression! Click on link and enjoy the wonder of blooms unfold

With each viewing of this inspiring video, I am reminded of a sentence from Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy: “Spirit, God, gathers unformed thoughts into their proper channels and unfolds these thoughts, even as He opens the petals of a holy purpose in order that the purpose may appear.” p. 506 Yes. He is opening the petals. I love how gently this appears.

It is our work to trust that this is exactly and precisely what is taking place, and avoid working to force conclusions. As I move through seeming vacant phase of life, I am reminded to turn to a higher sense of God for enlightening thought and how to promote the “Cause of Truth”.

I trust beauty. Wake up and see that the “fields are white already for harvest…”

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Majestic Angel Oak

Posted by Whiz on March 3, 2012

I have a story to tell....

Home again, home again, jiggety jog….one of the many beautiful images I brought back with me after visiting with grandchildren in Charleston. Many fond memories formed together during the week’s visit. More pictures to follow.

Hoping that with posting this tree I will discover just how to add this and others to pinterest. I have followers without having pictures. Lessons to follow and share as learned.


Willingness to know Truth

Posted by Whiz on February 18, 2012

Looking up the Tao Te Ching, I was moved with finding what #1 reads:
The tao that can be told
is not the eternal Tao
The name that can be named
is not the eternal Name.

The unnamable is the eternally real.
Naming is the origin
of all particular things.

Free from desire, you realize the mystery.
Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations.

Yet mystery and manifestations
arise from the same source.
This source is called darkness.

Darkness within darkness.
The gateway to all understanding

This is what feels out of balance…..the naming rather than being. As I move away from that game and accept understanding rather than looking for manifestations, clarity, calmness, quietude, all is well. Yes, all is well. This is all part of my abundance mind set…..instant in season, no struggle, rejoice. I love the idea of “the gateway to all understanding”.

Error goes to the place where it can give itself up…….interesting concept. A magazine came yesterday addressed to Bill. I started to toss it out but decided to look at it. It’s from spinal cord injury perspective. This is a new publication, not something that Bill had ever read. I looked it over. Some good stuff….”adapt, connect, achieve” messages, including aging in a chair, called “Life in Action”. I remember how doctors were astonished at Bill’s life, always asking what he did to be doing so well. He was unusual in regard to being one of very few ever to live so long after his particular type of neck injury, and they were curious about him. He could’ve contributed much to this publication. I thought I too could write some good articles, so I start to read the magazine. But I am grateful to know that I am not interested in going back there in memory and thoughts. I am so very grateful all that medical is not part of my day to day experience any more even as I know that there was so much more to what was going on with Bill and as Bill throughout all those times. Perhaps some writing along these lines will show up eventually for me to offer in similar venues.

What Bill was most successful in doing was that he did not accept all their projections about what he could expect to go wrong. Yes, he did look to me for his strength and guidance. I felt weighed down because I didn’t understand that this was looking to God, good, One Mind, directing more than to the human me. I felt very much like a human me that was expected to do more than any human could be expected or capable of doing. So now the veil has lifted. Thank you Bill for your gentle, tender guidance with integrity that pointed so far above human I didn’t always recognize it. Thank you God for the awareness with the reading of this publication that neither of us is locked into that chair any more.

Error gave itself up.

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