Dragonflies and Light Green

Posted by Whiz on August 30, 2015

In the morning after writing and spiritual study, I sit quietly with the routine of wide angle vision and countdowns and listen. As I was quietly doing this exercise, I saw movement directly in front of me while sitting on my balcony.

Dozens of dragon flies were darting about, zig-zagging up, down, forward, sudden reversals of directions. There didn’t appear any obvious reason for their flight patterns other than for the pure joy of movement. So many of them, some as large as small birds, all flitting about with their double wings moving them in all directions.

I have read that dragon flies consume thousands of mosquitoes…many times their weight each and every day. I didn’t see mosquitoes up at the level of my balcony though there are close to the ground around a small pond, but they surely must have been seeing them!

This flurry of dragon fly activity captured my interest and attention. I enjoyed watching for several minutes, and then they were gone! It is not unusual to see dragon flies in my area, but it is unusual to see this many in all sizes flying about up at this level.

Or is it? Have I been missing this air show on other mornings as I sit on my balcony to read simply because I’ve not been paying attention to this flurry of activity? Was this a feeding frenzy, or simply a flying for the pure joy of flying exercise? I choose the joy of flying response!

Another practice that I’ve been working with recently is that of choosing a different color for each day. Today I chose light lime green, the color of new growth found on many plants. Rather this color felt as though it chose me when it popped into my head to be my color for today. I first thought was that I wouldn’t be able to find many things with that color as I went through my day.  It isn’t a common color…..or so I thought until I began looking more closely.

I first noticed the underside of the leaves and the tiny stems attaching the petunias to the vine on this plant that sits on the table next to where I write–bright, light, lemony-lime green! Next I notice the outer edges of the geranium leaves also have that color all around each leaf on the outside edge. The tips of new growth on the Boston fern. The stems and thin leaves on the asparagus fern. The outer edge on the coleus that as the band of this brilliant green set against their deep burgundy purple of the centers and that highlights and complements that light, bright, lime green.

Then I notice the grasses of certain weeds growing amongst the dark greens of the grass lawn are this same light green. The new growth tips on the pine trees along the edge of the marsh. The outer edges and undersides of Princess Gem magnolia right below where I sit, the fronds of the Bald Cypress trees nearby, the marsh grasses awash with all sorts of greens and that have this bright light green mixed in and now stand out to me as if electrified. What wonderful swirls of this brilliant green shows up as I take notice of all the places this beautiful color has already shown up for me every day!

Fun experience! So much to see when we pause, look closely, paying attention and see what has always been present. How easily this beautiful color that’s not the main feature of a plant and can be missed when not paying attention.

Love this color. I love noticing this color showing up in so many places. This color represents fresh, new growth, bright, promise, complementary, highlights….all uplifting in feeling and appearance! Thank you for showing up light lime green!

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Lessons from Geraniums

Posted by Whiz on July 28, 2015

Has it really been five months since I last wrote in my blog? New Intent is that I write at least once each week from here on.

I have a large pot of brilliant red geraniums on my small porch. They brighten this space and fill my heart with gratitude for their beauty each time I look at those bright red blooms as they catch the morning sunlight.

Enjoying their brilliance this morning, I remembered that only a short while ago this plant was without a single bit of red bloom.

Recently I went away for two and half weeks, and my neighbor generously offered to help keep an eye on my plants for me while I was away. This was not an easy offer because she doesn’t believe she is very good at taking care of her own plants and was nervous about caring for mine, but she made the offer through love.

I was most grateful for her willingness to do this and assured her the plants would be fine with only minimum care and occasional watering. This geranium pot was left in place on my balcony. It was happy with all the perfect conditions of the morning sunlight that were expressed through the beauty of displaying ceaseless supply of many red blooms.

But the blooms turned brown. My neighbor was disappointed, afraid that she had killed these beautiful plants. She told me that the blooms had all turned brown until the entire plant was filled with only brown.  It looked so bad that she picked off all of the spent blooms leaving a large pot of nothing but green leaves.

After I returned home I was able to water and fertilize my plants every day, pinching and providing all their nutriments in fresh water and fertilizer. My neighbor didn’t realize it but by removing the spent blooms, and she was most grateful to learn that she had provided the perfect solution by removing the old and making room for the new blooms to grow.

Gradually, a bloom started to grow, responding to the fertilizer and fresh water. Then another, soon filling the plant once again with many beautiful, bright, red flowers.

It wasn’t up to me or my neighbor to make those geraniums bloom. They already had everything already within that was needed to perform and act as a geranium. All we needed to do was put them in the right light, making sure they received their “rightful nutriments” of sunlight, fertilizer and fresh water.

This is how geraniums grow.  This is how we grow.  This message has beautiful lessons to remember how we best grow as well….prune away the spent blooms (outgrown thinking), see that plants receive the needed amount of sunlight (Truth), add fertilizer (Love) and water (Life expressing Itself), and voila, blooms!

Let God do the writing and blooming of our lives. We are to stand fast, act as if we already are “possessing all power from God”, the only Creator, and recognize that this Truth is already true, we need only practice this Truth.

Love never fails whether looking like pots of geraniums, ourselves, our neighbors or our families near or far.

Thank you!


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Life Lessons

Posted by Whiz on February 28, 2015

I am traveling through another session of the 28 Day Wealth Journey available at Perception U.com and The Shift Center. I have traveled this journey many times. I learn something new with each adventurous journey.

Today is Day 11 this time through.

Yesterday, I didn’t write in my Wealth journal. I was to keep track of my thoughts, and decide later whether they were thoughts or Angel Ideas. Today is “Turn things back into thoughts day” following the writing. This has been educational. I want to share this day’s journey with you on this blog that I have been neglecting for a long while, relating here what I’ve learned today.

I am practicing turning thoughts into Angel Ideas. This is the process of what brings material thinking into Ideas, this process then brings thoughts into the realm of thinking as One Mind. I begin with the qualities of all that appears in my life…..translating these into the spiritual nature of what shines through. I discover what uplifts, inspires, transports.  This is the Action for today’s exercise of the Wealth Journey….practicing turning thoughts into Angel Ideas.

Sometimes what we do appears as “active not doing.” I recognize this as what happened for me yesterday. Yesterday began with a thought…..I realize now it was a thought of “compel”, rather “impel”.  I felt “obliged” to paint rather than inspired to paint.

I didn’t write yesterday for Day 9.  Instructions were that I was to wait until after I’d written down all the thoughts I had, then record what I was thinking, then write in this journal. This writing would help uncover whether it was a thought or Angel Idea.

I started with the thought, “Paint”. I got out my “Daily Painting” book, picking up where I had left off with last reading and read another couple of chapters. Then I thought, Paint. I got up to gather paints and supplies out of closet.  On my way, I decided to sweep kitchen floor first. I thought, ah ha, I’m procrastinating….go get the paints and paint.

Next thought, maybe I should mop the floor since I just swept it. I did. Then I thought, I should mop the bathroom floor as I was in this floor washing mode. So I did. Next, clean the toilet, and the sink, then wash rugs. I did all those tasks. Then……next thought, paint.

On my way to get the paints, I thought to check my messages.  I check messages. Next, I respond to messages. Next I listened to tapping exercises. Then I read blogs….blogs that are writing and telling me how I needed to work hard in order to perfect my talents of what I create. Then the thought. Paint.

Next thought, I’m not a good painter. Next thought, you have to paint, you must practice to get better. Then, then, then, many thoughts later and before I knew it, it was time to fix dinner. I decide I will paint after I eat. I watch television while I eat dinner.  I watch a bit more.

Nearly bed time now.  I check recorded programs. I discover one on ETV, Great Performances. I notice that it is with Josh Groban and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra together celebrating Italian Music and Movies. L LOVE  Josh. I decide to watch….just a little before I go to bed.

Oh, wow. This is so beautifiul. I watch some more. I watched an hour and half…the entire concert. I see each person, each instrument…..reveling and appreciating the thousands of dollars invested in all those instruments, all those dresses, all those tuxedos, thousands of hours of practice from each participant to become proficient at their particular instruments, then be chosen to play in this prestigious orchestra performance. Everyone. Many hours. Much discipline. Much beauty. Each individual plays their part beautifully, yet the true harmony and beauty of the playing comes as they play together. Wonderful music. Exhilarating. Uplifting. Harmony.

Next thought. I would never be that proficient in anything I do because I don’t work that hard. I felt very human, very small.  I most definitely knew this was not an Angel Idea.

I am listening and being guided by Angel Ideas. That’s it isn’t it? I am Listening and Being guided by Angel Ideas. Be this. Trust this. Live this life as an Angel Idea.

I am grateful for the beautiful concert that played in my home all day yesterday. I am grateful for that beautiful concert I recorded the of Josh Groban and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. I can replay this concert at any time, transporting me to the beautiful world of harmonious blending of music, images, voices, sounds, perfection. I see it. It is already mine…..within. I cannot see it outside of me if it isn’t already present within.

Back to today, Day 11, on the Wealth Journey. I recognize that thought, “paint”, was a compel thought. I felt obliged to paint based upon material perception that I haven’t painted in awhile rather then “impel” as a divine action to paint with inspiration. My actions for the day were harmonious….lasting….beautiful after all even though I didn’t paint.

The day ended with my listening to and appreciating that magnificent Great Performance with Josh and the orchestra singing and playing Italian lyrics that I could not understand with my head yet my heart was able to hear that beautiful music. I was appreciating….seeing….the beauty, talent, harmony expressed by others. No judgment, pure gratitude and appreciation.

I choose, instead of feeling guilty for not ever picking up my paint brush yesterday, to be grateful. Grateful for the day’s activities that lead me to express and appreciate….a clean house, and a wonderful concert.

Who knows, maybe this is the part of “This day as an unfoldment of infinite progress in which every detail is governed by the Law of Love”?

Who knows, maybe today is the day that I take the action and paint, feeling inspired by all the beauty I heard, I hear, I see, I hear again, and again.

Today I take action only on an impel. This feels like an Angel Idea.

“Just be what you are in the moment you are.”

I narrate this somewhat nonsensical day and thought processes I experienced in order to clarify my own thought processes. Yes, I do see the silliness of how thoughts fill up an entire day seeming to keep me away from what I “should” be doing. Yet, what an awareness lesson of expansion and learning.

Even when a day is filled with the mundane, the magical moments of inspirations for learning are all around.

Thank you.

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Majestic Angel Oak

Posted by Whiz on March 3, 2012

I have a story to tell....

Home again, home again, jiggety jog….one of the many beautiful images I brought back with me after visiting with grandchildren in Charleston. Many fond memories formed together during the week’s visit. More pictures to follow.

Hoping that with posting this tree I will discover just how to add this and others to pinterest. I have followers without having pictures. Lessons to follow and share as learned.


Willingness to know Truth

Posted by Whiz on February 18, 2012

Looking up the Tao Te Ching, I was moved with finding what #1 reads:
The tao that can be told
is not the eternal Tao
The name that can be named
is not the eternal Name.

The unnamable is the eternally real.
Naming is the origin
of all particular things.

Free from desire, you realize the mystery.
Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations.

Yet mystery and manifestations
arise from the same source.
This source is called darkness.

Darkness within darkness.
The gateway to all understanding

This is what feels out of balance…..the naming rather than being. As I move away from that game and accept understanding rather than looking for manifestations, clarity, calmness, quietude, all is well. Yes, all is well. This is all part of my abundance mind set…..instant in season, no struggle, rejoice. I love the idea of “the gateway to all understanding”.

Error goes to the place where it can give itself up…….interesting concept. A magazine came yesterday addressed to Bill. I started to toss it out but decided to look at it. It’s from spinal cord injury perspective. This is a new publication, not something that Bill had ever read. I looked it over. Some good stuff….”adapt, connect, achieve” messages, including aging in a chair, called “Life in Action”. I remember how doctors were astonished at Bill’s life, always asking what he did to be doing so well. He was unusual in regard to being one of very few ever to live so long after his particular type of neck injury, and they were curious about him. He could’ve contributed much to this publication. I thought I too could write some good articles, so I start to read the magazine. But I am grateful to know that I am not interested in going back there in memory and thoughts. I am so very grateful all that medical is not part of my day to day experience any more even as I know that there was so much more to what was going on with Bill and as Bill throughout all those times. Perhaps some writing along these lines will show up eventually for me to offer in similar venues.

What Bill was most successful in doing was that he did not accept all their projections about what he could expect to go wrong. Yes, he did look to me for his strength and guidance. I felt weighed down because I didn’t understand that this was looking to God, good, One Mind, directing more than to the human me. I felt very much like a human me that was expected to do more than any human could be expected or capable of doing. So now the veil has lifted. Thank you Bill for your gentle, tender guidance with integrity that pointed so far above human I didn’t always recognize it. Thank you God for the awareness with the reading of this publication that neither of us is locked into that chair any more.

Error gave itself up.

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“Discoveries” In Search of Beauty

Posted by Whiz on January 31, 2012

I continue on my search for better understanding what beauty is. This is part of my chronicle along the path on the way of discovery as I revisit and/or re-interpret sights and sounds of beautiful.

The word arbutus from last week’s Bible Lesson stood out from the page and caught my attention. I then looked up the word and discovered a picture reminds me of the daphne odora that I have planted in my current yard. Daphne is one of my absolute favorites because of its beautiful fragrance. It is an evergreen shrub that is blooming now, another favorite quality of mine….blooming in cold weather. I discovered this plant while living in Charleston and where I planted several shrubs along the front side walk. The flowers are small and almost non-descript but, oh my, when they’re in bloom, their fragrance filled the entire area. The sweet and spicy (yes, beautiful) fragrance graced the walkway and front yard. It is similar to, but not quite as heavy as, the Confederate Jasmine (another favorite of mine).

Looking up Arbutus:

and discovered that this is a genus of 14 species of flowering plants native to warm, temperate climates of Mediterranean and western Europe, cultivated as ornamentals. Bark & leaves used to create medicines for colds, stomach problems, tuberculosis and even contraceptives. Fruit sometimes distilled into potent brandy (in Portugal) known as medronho, and is known to be great fuel wood that burns hot and long.

daphne odora: is an evergreen shrub known for its very fragrant, pale pink flowers, and glossy foliage, is native to China and Japan. Grows in fertile, acid, well-drained soil, tolerates full sun or partial shade. I am grateful that I planted more of these divine shrubs when landscaping my current home. They’re in bloom right now. I love enjoying the fragrance while walking in the yard. Some of these branches also fill an arrangement, and I am transported to heavenly places each time I pass my dining room table.

Beyond their appearance, both plants do not like root disturbance…..(do any of us?) this similarity can be even more interesting than appearances.

We notice that beauty is felt within even while we recognize it through what we see and hear.

Is beauty in what we see or hear? Or is it what transcends and inspires us?

Is it simply a co-incidence that arbutus captured my attention while on this search to define beauty?


Flash Intent with blue jays

Posted by Whiz on January 20, 2012

My experience today showed me how to move through a flash of intention as I took a few moments to pause, observe, listen.

Today I had my annual eye exam as is required in order to get a new prescription for my contact lenses.
I was told that the right eye prescription had changed from 1.75 to a 3. which is almost twice the strength I have been using. That was quite a significant increase as typically the lenses power prescription doesn’t change from year to year.

I mused out loud wondering whether this meant my intuition was deteriorating. The doctor smiled, cocking his head and saying he didn’t understand, and asked what I meant. I mentioned that the right side is typically associated with the female/feminine and this is generally associated with intuition. I also said that the left then is associated with male/masculine, and is associated more with taking action. He smiled, making a comment about that is rather the way of the world.

I then suggested that the ideal would be that we all express both the masculine and the feminine…all of us, both male and female, and in balance, complete. He didn’t respond, just smiled,.

I realized that I was looking at the idea of needing more powerful contact lenses for my right eye as significant as a symbol, indicating that my intuitive listening was deteriorating. This was coming purely from thinking that I was human, but I know the truth behind letting go of that idea and trusting perfection.

I have had difficulty seeing clearly off and on for a while now, so I was grateful that I was able to now see more clearly.

I decided to stop for lunch, and found a lovely place in a park over-looking Lake Hartwell. As I parked and opened my windows to enjoy the fresh air, I heard a large group of bluejays calling out loudly overhead, flitting about in the tree tops, playing and singing to one another. I smiled remembering that this is the bird for January and blue jay has showed up to remind me to move up higher with my thoughts.

Yes. Definitely a great reminder for greater resourcefulness and adaptability. Such a simple, yet happy, reminder that talents simply must be developed and utilized rather than doubted and limited. Realizing that this is why they showed up for me at this particular time to remind me to lift up my thinking and seeing, I smiled again.

I recognized that my ability to see is not something that comes through a physical eye, nor a contact lense. Sight is a spiritual quality….can never diminish….regardless of any story working to be heard telling the opposite.

I shall continue to trust that I need have no fear. I love that the blue jay doesn’t migrate but was still here and has showed up as a perfect reminder for me today. No pretenders here. The blue jays playfully reminding that the One Source remains at peace, not needing ears to hear, nor eyes to see. Thank you!

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Rainy days and Mondays, gratitude, & memories

Posted by Whiz on November 28, 2011

I am grateful for rainy days and Mondays. Unlike the Carpenter’s singing how “it always gets me down”, I feel especially cozy listening to the gentle raindrops as they fall on the skylights creating a peaceful rhythmic background music for my quiet morning study time.

I am grateful for this time to reflect with gratitude as I remember sitting in Sunday School many, many years ago, if counting trips around the sun, but only a moment ago in my thought. This little girl of 6 or 7 sat during the silent prayer time that is part of Christian Science services before repeating aloud the Lord’s Prayer. I vividly remember how earnest she was as she asked God for His help to be good, to help her see and do what was asked of her today and every day, and I remember how honest and earnest this little girl felt as she spoke this desire silently to God.

I’m grateful for another event experienced by this same little girl that came into my thoughts this morning. There was a family living nearby where this little girl lived around that same time as she attended that Sunday School. They had a granddaughter that would come to visit. She was older than I was but the grandparents loved that I would come over to visit her whenever she came to see them. She was blind. I didn’t really have a conception of what blind was even when they explained to me that she had an accident when very young that left her without sight.

I would play games with her on their front sidewalk, asking her to guess whether she was standing on the grass or the sidewalk. When she would guess correctly, I would get so excited and happy, then say to her, “see, I think you are starting to see a little!!” She would laugh, jump up and down and be so happy with that idea, wanting to play the game over and over. And yes, I fully expected this to be true, that she was able to see a little more each day.

The only other recollections I have about this blind friend were of her parents thanking me for helping her laugh. I don’t know where she is, how she is, having had no other contact with her from then to now. Yet, this morning I felt connected to her. I feel connected to that other little girl who helped her to find laughter in little things too.

There is a sense of joy remembering these two little girls in their innocence and gentleness, as they rejoiced in the moment, free from any sense of burden or hurt or guilt. I am so very grateful for this awareness and remembrance.

Thank you.

I’m grateful for this reminder. Hopefully you can click on link below and listen to an oldie but goodie song from The Carpenters.


Random Acts of Kindness II

Posted by Whiz on March 17, 2010

elf houseStill smiling from my listening to Il Divo’s magnificent music posted earlier today, I answer the door and meet a smiling face on someone who was asking if she had the right house….. is the house that has the tree with the face on it that stands alongside the road that runs behind our house near the back entrance to the subdivision?

Of course I answered, yes, this is the house. (I had posted a picture of this tree with the face and Elf House on an earlier blog….see picture) She proceeded to tell me what a joy and pleasure it is to look for this tree each time she drives in this way. She mentioned how she loves to drive slowly when passing so that she can see and enjoy the smiling face of the tree’s friendly face alongside the road and how this always brings her a smile, especially when she sees the elf house installed at the base.

I love it too. We did have such fun decorating that little elf house where granddaughter Anna and I planted flowers near the doorway, plus we added little trees at Woody’s base (that’s what we named our tree), adding wreaths to the little windows at Christmas time, plus adding a red bow around Woody’s neck.

This spreader of kindness standing at my door also told how she loved to slow down see the view each time she passed but especially today when she noticed the little stone steps that are leading up to the front door of the elf house. Part of my joy in working with my granddaughter was all the fun we had putting those stones in place. But now when I hear how the joy both she and her husband feel as they drive past this tree, makes it even more fun of a memory.

I feel joy each time I see this tree too. What a bonus joy it is to hear that it brings a smile into her day as well. What a treat that she took time to stop and tell me…..really adds to the spreading of joy, don’t you think? How a simple acts of kindness can spread much joy!

Simple acts of kindness….yes, but are they really random? I think they happen often. It takes little effort to stop and spread the joy. I hope that sharing this simple act of kindness, helps with making your day one of smiles too. Pass it on.


Random Acts of Kindness

Posted by Whiz on March 17, 2010

Are you up for a challenge? I dare you to listen to this video without smiling! Walk away with love in your heart and share the smiles.

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