Here I am again!

Posted by Whiz on March 10, 2013

Many months since my last post. Many changes in life, address, life style. Many new discoveries along the way.

Still a resident of South Carolina but no longer in the Upstate. I’ve moved back to the Low Country, Mt Pleasant to be precise. This travel adventure has had many twists and turns that have not been written about in this blog, although they have chronicled from within an on-going adventure called life.

Much of what’s occurred within the last few months came about quickly as I remain open to new ideas, and because of my daughter and granddaughter’s help in finding this lovely new home, and working out many of the preliminary details for me.

New adventure. New location. New possibilities. Beauty and art everywhere along the way.

I moved in January to this location that is less than a mile as a bird flies from where I lived over 20 years ago. A place I am surprised to learn I live. A beautiful place with views of the Wando River, marshes, Live Oak trees, and more.

I’m grateful to be living close to family. I an grateful for re-establishing friendships from long ago. I’m grateful for the smooth transition with what seemed to be an impossible task of down-sizing, moving from 4-bedroom house to 1-bedroom apartment, determining what will fit, what will go. I’m grateful for the freedom of no longer having care and concern about maintenance of house and yard. I am grateful for loving family, friends and neighbors all coming together to make this happen.

Here is view from balcony.

View from balcony

Similar views from my bedroom window so as I awake each morning, this is what I see as I center my thoughts on Truth for the day. One morning after breathing in this beautiful scene, I turned over and my eyes rested upon one of my paintings that I’d painted a number of years ago. One of the few paintings of mine that I brought with me. I love how peaceful I feel when looking at it. I’ve not yet hung it and have it leaning against the wall sitting atop my bookshelves.

As I was looking at this painting one morning, I was struck with how similar to the picture I saw out my bedroom window was the picture I saw in my room. I looked back at the outside view, then back again to the painting. The similarity of the colors, grasses, trees, and water was uncanny. When I painted this painting, the model for it came from no specific place, but rather was a collection from my mind’s eye view plus various reference books coming together on the canvas.

The painting has a barn in it that the view does not. When I painted this painting, my thoughts were on the open spaces of farmland with my adding the barn as part of the setting because I love barns, not because it was a specific barn in specific location.

Now, as I change the fields to marshes, without changing the colors, what I see is it’s as if the painting was modeled while I was looking at the views outside my window.


Or could it possibly be the mind’s eye (as in the divine) seeing this setting long before I did?

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Why Don’t We Do What We Know Works and How We Recognize the Lie?

Posted by Whiz on June 14, 2012

I have not written recently in my blog. I have neglected writing my Morning Pages. Both areas of writing are beneficial as they help in getting random thoughts out of my head and down on the paper. Morning pages especially have proven beneficial to addressing this idea as it gets busy and heavy within when left to rumble around and around in thought!

“Morning pages”, so called, is the practice of writing early each morning, sitting down to write before the day’s demands rush in to write down whatever may be traveling through our thoughts. Writing constantly, no stopping, critiquing or correcting grammar or spelling, and without lifting hand from page until three pages have been written. The purpose for this? To clear away that clutter from our head, to make room for thoughts from the heart….messages within…to have room to grow.

Sometimes that voice that sounds like it’s us speaking. It pretends to be helpful, pretends to be constructive, yet all the while it’s creeping in, taking up space, crowding out angel thoughts until we are tricked into believing that that’s our voice, or even worse….God’s voice talking. How we determine whether it’s the talking serpent/liar or not is when we look within to determine how we feel after hearing and listening to the message. Does the message bring a sense of peace? Does it bring a sense of not good?

After writing this morning’s “morning pages”, a piece of yellow paper caught my attention. Where it came from or even how it happened to be on my table at that moment are not clear. But the words were definitely for my attention and consideration. These words were written in my handwriting, not my regular hand writing, but with my left-handwriting, a practice I had to do for several weeks while recovering from a broken shoulder. This left-hand writing was very distinctive, yet recognizably my hand writing practice from several years ago. Definitely attention getting with this slip of paper showing up this morning.

The words I had written and now read were, “It’s a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible and how to find the miracle of joyful living from my own life circumstances.” I do not know what the “it” may have been in reference to….perhaps a tree or bird or plant that had been brought into focus at that time. What it brought into focus for me now was that this message was not easy to hear.

Why has this message resurfaced for me? Especially now with many thoughts popping in and out of my thinking that are trying to say there is not much miracle or success going on? Gratefully I recognize that this is not my true voice that speaks with such thoughts.

Yes, I have succeeded in finding time for quietly listening. For gratitude. For healing thoughts and messages for friends and family. Then that voice comes in with messages that I must do more. That there is not enough…time, money, buyers, clients, listings, income, investments, savings, paintings, successes. No, this cannot be true in this perfect balance of God, good, the One and only Creator kingdom filled with love, harmony and perfection.

Yes, I see demonstrated in remarkably moving and profound ways–small in the physical realm—that do bring moments of clarity. Then that voice that claims to be me sneaks in with niggling thoughts, “you need to do more….”

Ah-Ha! Now I hear it—-this voice….no longer speaking to me with the “I’ word. I have been alert to detecting that voice’s messages and was not listening to as often. So, now it comes in the form of “you”, as if there is another speaking to me from my within. This is a judging voice that sits within and tells me messages about what “you should be doing”. I’ve been listening! But….

Again I say, ah-ha! Now “you” have been seen, recognized……that is not my voice, not God’s voice, not my mother’s voice, children’s voices, nor business, nor articles, not anyone that I need to listen to. It is the subtle….and sometimes not so subtle….voice of error, the talking serpent! I KNOW there is no such thing. Yet with it coming in such a way that I have not been quite as alert to dismiss or to turn it out of thought and say, “get thee behind me…..” You have no reality, no truth, no validity, no creator, no foundation, no……anything that can attach itself to anyone.

The only seeming validity it can appear to possess is for us to believe it…the lie….to be true. A lie once seen as false simply fades into obscurity.

Thank you morning pages. Thank you God. Thank you angels for this small piece of yellow paper showing up today. Thank you for the articles and awareness about serpent showing up. All of this truly is the miracle of joyful living from my own life circumstances.

Even when lulled into brief periods of unawareness, I better recognize that was not me. There is only One, I AM. All is now. All is love.

That feels so much lighter!


“Discoveries” In Search of Beauty

Posted by Whiz on January 31, 2012

I continue on my search for better understanding what beauty is. This is part of my chronicle along the path on the way of discovery as I revisit and/or re-interpret sights and sounds of beautiful.

The word arbutus from last week’s Bible Lesson stood out from the page and caught my attention. I then looked up the word and discovered a picture reminds me of the daphne odora that I have planted in my current yard. Daphne is one of my absolute favorites because of its beautiful fragrance. It is an evergreen shrub that is blooming now, another favorite quality of mine….blooming in cold weather. I discovered this plant while living in Charleston and where I planted several shrubs along the front side walk. The flowers are small and almost non-descript but, oh my, when they’re in bloom, their fragrance filled the entire area. The sweet and spicy (yes, beautiful) fragrance graced the walkway and front yard. It is similar to, but not quite as heavy as, the Confederate Jasmine (another favorite of mine).

Looking up Arbutus:

and discovered that this is a genus of 14 species of flowering plants native to warm, temperate climates of Mediterranean and western Europe, cultivated as ornamentals. Bark & leaves used to create medicines for colds, stomach problems, tuberculosis and even contraceptives. Fruit sometimes distilled into potent brandy (in Portugal) known as medronho, and is known to be great fuel wood that burns hot and long.

daphne odora: is an evergreen shrub known for its very fragrant, pale pink flowers, and glossy foliage, is native to China and Japan. Grows in fertile, acid, well-drained soil, tolerates full sun or partial shade. I am grateful that I planted more of these divine shrubs when landscaping my current home. They’re in bloom right now. I love enjoying the fragrance while walking in the yard. Some of these branches also fill an arrangement, and I am transported to heavenly places each time I pass my dining room table.

Beyond their appearance, both plants do not like root disturbance…..(do any of us?) this similarity can be even more interesting than appearances.

We notice that beauty is felt within even while we recognize it through what we see and hear.

Is beauty in what we see or hear? Or is it what transcends and inspires us?

Is it simply a co-incidence that arbutus captured my attention while on this search to define beauty?


The Art of Allowing

Posted by Whiz on January 24, 2012

I am aware that I see beauty everywhere. Yet I do not see beauty reflected in the mirror.

New awareness. This reflection—is that me?

This morning the words “Art of Allowing” jumped off the cd that was on my counter when those words captured my attention. This cd is one from a series called Living the Art of Allowing that has been in my car for a very long time, and is part of a 6-cd series that I bought in 2006, and the only cd from the set that I still have. I brought it inside after cleaning out the interior of my car with the intention of listening to it again. The topic of this cd # 4 is “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent”.

I am currently taking the Intent Course….again …taking with renewed purpose and intention this time around, and so I thought this was no accident that I bumped into this particular cd with this word “Intent “ in the title. I have not re-listened to the cd but since those words jumped off the page to me this morning, I decided to sit with the question of allowing in my quiet time this morning.

Back to the image in the mirror. When not looking in the mirror, I “see” myself as beautiful, loving, able to discern and appreciate beauty in all walks of life. So why is it so difficult to see that in the image I see in the mirror? Am I believing in separation? Am I believing that there is something I need to do, such as lose weight, exercise, have face lift, change hair color in order to be more beautiful? Is that what makes us beautiful? I know that’s not true about others, why can’t I see that about myself? Am I believing more in the world view than the spiritual?

Of course those are all exterior finishes….sort of like a coat of paint, right? Except that I am learning that what I see on the outside is reflecting what is inside. Am I willing to uncover the error and expose what’s really going on? Am I willing to trust, to love myself as God’s expression, exactly as He made me? Beautiful, complete…”His work is done….and behold, very good…”? Not human?

Or do I still have a belief in separation from God? What is beauty? What is beautiful? Why is it so easy for me to see beauty everywhere except within? This is what needs to let go—belief that God’s idea is ever, could ever, be anything except beautiful—not a certain size, weight, color, height, form. This is a huge revelation and awareness.

I remember hearing my mother tell me on many occasions, “handsome is as handsome does”. What I heard was, “you’re not beautiful, deal with it, be satisfied with the idea that you’ll never be beautiful, so be a nice person instead so people will like you.” That is the message I heard.

I realize that this is why seeing beauty, helping others see beauty they possess, uncover the error in thought about what makes one beautiful has been so important to me. It is this false belief that needs to be washed away, healed, and to see only love filling all space.

When I look at pictures of my mother when she was a young girl, I see that she truly was a beautiful little girl. She also was considered large for her age, standing taller than her mother as well as her older brother. Her mother was a small and slender person. I can imagine some of the things my mother may have been told as a child from a mother who was not known for her nurturing qualities but had a rather austere, stern way that she conveyed.

I know that my mother associated small with beautiful and big with clumsy, big was not beautiful, and she was never able to feel beautiful herself. The thought comes to me now that she had not learned how to nurture nor appreciate her innate beauty. Her mother, who had never learned how to nurture, nor even appreciate beauty beyond appearances, was not able to teach my mother how to nurture either. (Does this mean that I don’t know how to nurture? Another thought floating to the surface to flow away as an untruth about One Parent, Love, that we are. )

Big associated with clumsy. This is what I associate as I recall over hearing my mother talking about me to someone, telling them that I was not very graceful. I took tap dance lessons believing that I wasn’t graceful enough for ballet. Did I want to take ballet? I don’t remember. I did enjoy tapping.

I had not taken tap lessons very long around the time I was to go ice skating with my siblings. I was told that I had to use the double runner skates. I hated them. They weren’t pretty. They weren’t graceful. They were baby skates. I’m not a baby. (I remember my favorite thing about getting a baby brother was that I was no longer the baby of the family)
I talked my sister into letting me wear her single-runner skates after she was finished, and while we were waiting for our ride home. I’ll show them. I can too skate on big-girl skates. But those skates were too big for me. It was really hard skating on just one runner. I couldn’t skate. I fell. Hard. I couldn’t get up.

I remember my brother and sister kept telling me to get up. Quit being a baby. Stop crying. But I couldn’t get up. Everyone kept trying to make me walk on the sore leg. I kept crying. I couldn’t. It hurt too much.
Finally—I don’t remember how long—they believed me and I was taken for x-ray. My leg was broken—in two places. Everyone felt badly about trying to make me walk on a broken leg.

I still remember that cast. From my toes all the up to the top of my thigh, and I had to wear it a long, long time. I can still remember not being able to scratch the itch under the cast, and the smell from my toes from not being able to wash thoroughly between the toes well enough to eliminate that smell.

I remember when that cast was finally cut off…..with an electric power saw…I was so scared. And then I remember my disappointment when told that we needed to put another cast back on because the bone wasn’t completely healed. This next cast was smaller but still covered my whole leg. I don’t remember just how long all of this took, but to a 7 year old, it seemed like an eternity.

I remember when the second cast was finally taken off….again cut off with a power saw but not as scary this time because I now knew they weren’t going to actually slip and saw off my leg by mistake. I remember standing in our living room in that house in Ravenna after coming home without the cast and with my entire family standing there all telling me to walk. Only I couldn’t. It still hurt…..this time because the leg was filled with pins and needles because of being in a cast for such a long time….much too painful for this 7 year old in spite of all the prodding to ignore the pins and walk. I kept hearing, “don’t be a baby”, “stop crying”, “walk”. I don’t remember any nurturing comments.

I don’t have a memory of what happened next but I obviously did start walking again. I remember that I didn’t take any more tap dance lessons. I believed that I was too clumsy. “Handsome is as handsome does”.

I have loved watching the Ice Capades. I could feel myself gliding across that ice, dancing on single-runner skates moving gracefully to beautiful music, wearing a beautiful, flowing dress, and in the arms of a handsome man. Yes, that was me. I felt it all within. I did learn to ice skate, on single runners, though I never felt quite as graceful as the professional skaters. I still love watching them.

I love to watch dancing too. I love imagining myself waltzing around and around with beautiful music in the arms of a beautiful man. I feel it completely.

This is what has been uncovered. I better understand my love of graceful ice skaters and dancers and beautiful things.
I’m sorry dear Father that I have not been seeing your beautiful child as clearly as you do. I do feel your loving embrace. Thank you.

Many life lessons throughout all of this uncovering and unfolding within me. I realize that in many ways I am still that little girl wobbling around the ice pond of life saying, “See, I can too skate on single runner skates!”

And I continue learning through “the art of allowing” that even “handsome is as handsome does” carries messages of love within it and I do feel loved.

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Flash Intent with blue jays

Posted by Whiz on January 20, 2012

My experience today showed me how to move through a flash of intention as I took a few moments to pause, observe, listen.

Today I had my annual eye exam as is required in order to get a new prescription for my contact lenses.
I was told that the right eye prescription had changed from 1.75 to a 3. which is almost twice the strength I have been using. That was quite a significant increase as typically the lenses power prescription doesn’t change from year to year.

I mused out loud wondering whether this meant my intuition was deteriorating. The doctor smiled, cocking his head and saying he didn’t understand, and asked what I meant. I mentioned that the right side is typically associated with the female/feminine and this is generally associated with intuition. I also said that the left then is associated with male/masculine, and is associated more with taking action. He smiled, making a comment about that is rather the way of the world.

I then suggested that the ideal would be that we all express both the masculine and the feminine…all of us, both male and female, and in balance, complete. He didn’t respond, just smiled,.

I realized that I was looking at the idea of needing more powerful contact lenses for my right eye as significant as a symbol, indicating that my intuitive listening was deteriorating. This was coming purely from thinking that I was human, but I know the truth behind letting go of that idea and trusting perfection.

I have had difficulty seeing clearly off and on for a while now, so I was grateful that I was able to now see more clearly.

I decided to stop for lunch, and found a lovely place in a park over-looking Lake Hartwell. As I parked and opened my windows to enjoy the fresh air, I heard a large group of bluejays calling out loudly overhead, flitting about in the tree tops, playing and singing to one another. I smiled remembering that this is the bird for January and blue jay has showed up to remind me to move up higher with my thoughts.

Yes. Definitely a great reminder for greater resourcefulness and adaptability. Such a simple, yet happy, reminder that talents simply must be developed and utilized rather than doubted and limited. Realizing that this is why they showed up for me at this particular time to remind me to lift up my thinking and seeing, I smiled again.

I recognized that my ability to see is not something that comes through a physical eye, nor a contact lense. Sight is a spiritual quality….can never diminish….regardless of any story working to be heard telling the opposite.

I shall continue to trust that I need have no fear. I love that the blue jay doesn’t migrate but was still here and has showed up as a perfect reminder for me today. No pretenders here. The blue jays playfully reminding that the One Source remains at peace, not needing ears to hear, nor eyes to see. Thank you!

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Unexpected Gifts

Posted by Whiz on December 2, 2011

Sometimes gifts show up in unexpected ways and when we’re least looking for them.

I received a beautiful gift although at first glance when first showed up, it was disguised as a problem. For several days I have been cleaning, painting, moving refrigerator, etc. at my sister in law’s rental house nearby, preparing house for young couple who wanted to move in this weekend. Much clean up has been required as this house has been vacant for over a year. I live nearby and my sister in law lives in Charlotte, so it seemed natural that I help out.

Finally all work had been completed, cleaning supplies loaded into car, all doors locked, and the garage door opener was left on kitchen counter for the new renters, electric garage door closed from inside, and I left via the side garage door which I locked on my way out. As soon as I had closed the door, I stopped. Oh no. What had I done?! My car was in the garage. With my car keys, including the house key, my cell phone, everything locked inside the garage. Hello. What was I thinking?

I paused. Really had to fight the urge to slap myself upside the head for doing something so, so, so, so…..stupid. Heard the angel message to walk next door to call rental manager so he could bring another key. Neighbor was most friendly and helpful and preparing for a dinner party soon to begin. Rental manager was tied up and unable to help. Next angel thought (with many interrupting less than productive thoughts in between) I remembered that I had recently found an extra key to this house at my house.

One of neighbor’s guests drove me to my house, waited for me to find the key, and then drove me back to the house. I poked my head inside to thank neighbor once again for her help. She invited me in for glass of wine. I hesitated, but agreed after much insistence from all the guests. Enjoyed beautiful conversations with new friends. Then walked next door to retrieve my car. What a gift.

I drove home feeling uplifted and rejuvenated, taking the garage door opener with me just in case…..

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Rainy days and Mondays, gratitude, & memories

Posted by Whiz on November 28, 2011

I am grateful for rainy days and Mondays. Unlike the Carpenter’s singing how “it always gets me down”, I feel especially cozy listening to the gentle raindrops as they fall on the skylights creating a peaceful rhythmic background music for my quiet morning study time.

I am grateful for this time to reflect with gratitude as I remember sitting in Sunday School many, many years ago, if counting trips around the sun, but only a moment ago in my thought. This little girl of 6 or 7 sat during the silent prayer time that is part of Christian Science services before repeating aloud the Lord’s Prayer. I vividly remember how earnest she was as she asked God for His help to be good, to help her see and do what was asked of her today and every day, and I remember how honest and earnest this little girl felt as she spoke this desire silently to God.

I’m grateful for another event experienced by this same little girl that came into my thoughts this morning. There was a family living nearby where this little girl lived around that same time as she attended that Sunday School. They had a granddaughter that would come to visit. She was older than I was but the grandparents loved that I would come over to visit her whenever she came to see them. She was blind. I didn’t really have a conception of what blind was even when they explained to me that she had an accident when very young that left her without sight.

I would play games with her on their front sidewalk, asking her to guess whether she was standing on the grass or the sidewalk. When she would guess correctly, I would get so excited and happy, then say to her, “see, I think you are starting to see a little!!” She would laugh, jump up and down and be so happy with that idea, wanting to play the game over and over. And yes, I fully expected this to be true, that she was able to see a little more each day.

The only other recollections I have about this blind friend were of her parents thanking me for helping her laugh. I don’t know where she is, how she is, having had no other contact with her from then to now. Yet, this morning I felt connected to her. I feel connected to that other little girl who helped her to find laughter in little things too.

There is a sense of joy remembering these two little girls in their innocence and gentleness, as they rejoiced in the moment, free from any sense of burden or hurt or guilt. I am so very grateful for this awareness and remembrance.

Thank you.

I’m grateful for this reminder. Hopefully you can click on link below and listen to an oldie but goodie song from The Carpenters.


Qualities, Truth and Blue Jays

Posted by Whiz on September 21, 2010

So many discoveries and awareness’s unfolding to my thought. I decided to make up a list of right identity qualities that I know are mine as an expression of God.

As I sat and looked at all those qualities I realized that they are all present in the infinitude of One Mind, One Cause, One Creator. Why am I making lists? To highlight them to keep them upper most in my thought.

As I look around and see beauty all around me, I am so grateful. I listen within and hear… I must be more accepting of my innate abilities within as already here, present, now. This Principle of man was dawning upon my thought and unfolding as ideas, qualities, that are not born of persons, but are from God. Yes, we express them, but we don’t invent them.

I then went back over all of the qualities words I had written down, again, listening within, and with a quiet connection with my source, asking myself what do these words really mean?

I thought of the story of the prodigal son, remembering the words the father spoke to the older brother when he expressed jealousy at the father’s special favor and joy with the prodigal’s return, saying to the elder, “son thou art ever with me, all that I have is thine.”

Could it be simply a matter that I too need to “look up, and see….the fields are already white for harvest”? Instead of asking for more of these qualities to be expressed in me, was my Father saying that I needed to “look up”? It’s already mine because as our Father/Mother/God tells us, “All that I have is thine.”

Blue jays have been showing up many, many times recently. I found it interesting to learn from a book called, Animal Speak, that blue jay comes to remind us to “pay attention”, “wake up to your innate abilities”, “no more pretending”.

I realize that there is a yearning to know a dimension of love that I have not been aware of before. I am realizing that it’s showing up for me now. It is actually Love’s own awareness that’s asserting itself in my life.

A writer in a Christian Sentinel magazine shared a testimony of healing of a long-standing ailment. In her testimony, she shared her reading of one of Mary Baker Eddy’s sayings, “No, no, love’s not like that” when told of some human situation going on.

We know that good is made up of beauty, love, harmony, creativity. When we fully realize this truth, we are better able to reject any claim of non-good that tries to show up. We can say to it, “no, no, harmony isn’t like that”, “good isn’t like that.”

The workers at the mint become so familiar with the genuine dollar bills that the counterfeit bills stand out clearly and enables the alert worker to immediately spot the counterfeits, and then reject them. So can we also be better at recognizing the counterfeit thoughts and reject them as we become more familiar with Truth, with good. As we understand the true qualities of goodness, those counterfeit pictures stand out clearly to our thought, and we say “No, no, good’s not like that”, and we simply don’t allow the counterfeit in.

This is how we “stand porter at the door of thought….” and express our higher awareness’s of good and is like a light that bursts through the darkness and moves away from fear.

“The spiritual reality is the scientific fact in all things” (S&H 207:27)

Copy of Music – Into the Day – by George and Charles – 1 – 2 – No Life Divided

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Lessons from a goose

Posted by Whiz on April 26, 2010

We usually see geese traveling together in a group, right? How often does one hear mention of a goose other than reference to Mother Goose or as a Christmas dinner? So imagine my surprise when I saw a single and lone goose recently.

I had been spending some quiet time standing near a lake, embracing a beech tree whose dense leaves were protecting me from the gentle raindrops that were falling. I noticed a lone goose walking across the street nearby from where I was standing. I wondered where he came from….why didn’t he fly in? Why was he alone? Calling him “goose” sounded a bit strange as I stood there observing. I’ve always thought of them as geese, not goose….don’t remember ever seeing one fly alone. I was alert to seeing the symbolism of the scene.

My goose continued walking across the sandy area then quietly entering into the water with a gentle grace causing small circles moving out slowly from his body as he transitioned from walking to floating in one effortless move. These circles were soft and gentle, rippling outward on the surface of the quiet lake waters, symbolizing and feeling like the epitome of gentleness to me.

Imagine my surprise and wonder as the quietude of the event was broken with the loud and plaintive honk, honk, honking as the goose began sounding out to the community as if calling for a friend or mate. This repeated and unanswered honking continued without pause for upwards of five minutes. I watched closely to see whether another goose was in the area. No response. No new goose appeared on the scene.

After the honking session, the goose proceeded to tuck his head under wing and took a nap, evidently quite unperturbed that his cries were unanswered. I stood and continued to watch for a long while, then left to go on with my day carrying the gentle peacefulness of the scene within. The thought of melancholy did try to attach to my thought as I thought about this lone goose that appeared as still alone even after repeated calls out to the vast openness of the empty waters. I let it go and stayed with the picture of peacefulness of him at rest, trading the sad for peace.

Looking up “goose” in Animal Speak, I was delighted to find the references to Mother Goose stories and rhymes that were designed to quiet children, and how these fairy tales captured the imaginations of children and adults. I have always loved Mother Goose tales. The goose can thusly be reflecting stimulation of childhood thrills and beliefs that author Ted Andrews recommends we go back and revisit some of these loved stories that will help us to see how and why they resonated with us so strongly, also to help us see the patterns in our own lives.

I reflect on other mentions in the book. Does my goose carry a message that I need to add more vegetables to my diet? Is that why my goose that I saw felt so alone in view of the fact that geese typically mate for life? Where was his mate? Are we both looking for our one special person/goose? Is this why I love the “happily ever after” endings to fairy tales? Or could my message be coming to me through exemplifying migration patterns, and stirring imaginations to want to search out new worlds? I discover that the incessant honking could represent a calling to us to follow them on a great spiritual quest. Is this what’s speaking to and calling me? Calling with messages of fulfilling promises that great quests may bring?

I love discovering how this idea that as goose comes into my life, I can expect to have my imaginations stirred toward new travels to distant places. I love how the goose epitomizes the constantly shifting formations, creating wind drafts and easier flights for those traveling behind in the formations. I love the image that geese never fly directly behind one another but rather each goose’s view is unobstructed through flying in the V-formation and how this arrowhead formation points to new directions and new possibilities. I love discovering that the letter “v” comes from the Hebrew “vau” meaning “nail” and how this formation indicates that we are about to affix ourselves to a new path, What a beautiful symbol. What a powerful voice and great strengthening message I hear from my lone goose that visited me that rainy day and that has triggered and stirred my imaginations towards new travels.


Lessons from turkey vultures

Posted by Whiz on March 15, 2010

I couldn’t believe it either. I wanted the bird to be an eagle, not a vulture. I was told that’s what that magnificent bird was I saw perched high up in a tree that day and as he caught my eye as I drove past. There he was sitting high up in the top branches of the tall tree with his wings expanded, stationary, looking like a kite awaiting lift-off….I was certain it was an eagle. Doesn’t Eagle sound so much more inspiring than vulture as a symbol used for teaching us and giving us inspiration of how we are to move through life?

I’ve been paying closer attention to symbols that show up in my life….all part of my journey within. Okay, I was willing to accept that this vulture maybe was showing up as a help to me as I clean up in various areas of my life. But I much preferred the thought of it being a majestic eagle for my inspiration.

I saw this large, graceful bird soaring overhead when I drove past that same tree later in the day….no longer sitting in tree, but moving high and soaring. Good reminders, to soar over the mess, glide over the cleaning efforts of removal of stacks and stacks of papers and “stuff” that accumulates.

Then the next day what do I see while driving? Another of that same type of bird, gliding effortlessly high overhead. I then saw another, and another, and another, until a total of 15 were all soaring over my head….effortlessly gliding…..all of them with total grace and without apparent effort.

This really captured my attention. I knew they had something more powerful to teach me than just helping with my clean up. I had to look more closely, listen within and learn what these “upward soaring beings” were saying with their showing up for me with such numbers.

I enjoy Ted Andrews’ book called “Animal Speak”. This is an interesting and informative dictionary of various animals and birds where he discusses how the wisdom of various creatures in the animal world can help us recognize and interpret them. It’s fun to read about how we may learn from nature, and sometimes easier to hear truths about ourselves coming through nature rather than God.

Turns out there are many pages written pertaining to vulture….many interesting ideas. I’ll share just a few. New vision….yes, they have a wonderful ability to see…..what an inspiration, and great reminder. Even though the vulture is sometimes considered a symbol of heaven and earth, spirit and matter, good and evil, guardian and avenger, these many myths surrounding this symbol, they all indicate that vulture restores harmony.

Since vultures are probably the most misunderstood and misaligned bird, and since people (including me) have often seen them as gross and associate them only with death, the idea of having good vision certainly elevates this perception of vulture, doesn’t it.

The vulture also can be a symbol of purification that restores harmony. As they soar with a grace and an ease that is thrilling to watch, it helps uplift the seeming mundane experiences so that we see them as misperceptions. We learn that as we let go of the misperceptions, as we trust all good and One Creater, all complete, we know that we too can soar above anything that tries to pull us down……helps us to know that the authority to move without restriction or feeling weighed down can never be taken away.

The vulture is known for their wonderful ability to see and how it uses the thermals rising from the earth, to give lift to their flight. Their ability to use the thermals is often likened to the ability to see the subtle energy emanations from the body, similar to that we’ve all seen as we dirve down a road on a hot day and see the heat rising off the road.

The vulture is also known to have a powerful sense of smell……can help me to smell out something that doesn’t quite smell right in my life. Who wouldn’t enjoy and appreciate this ability?!

I love this reminder that we too have the ability to see and feel the lift, the love, the support and perfection all around us, complete. No opposition. All good. One Creator. Yes, the vulture helps remind me how to fly.

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