Hello again!

Posted by Whiz on July 21, 2016

Wow, talk about a long neglected part of me……here it is. This blog.
So now I start again. Am I able to update and fill in all that’s gone on since my last entry here?
When I learn how, I shall copy into this blog another blog message that I started on Adobe Spark. Learning the ins and outs, I have much more to learn!

Many lessons. Lots to learn. I love life. I love sharing. I love writing. I love creating. Moving forward, here I go. Hoping that some will join in the adventure.

I have continued to write Artist’s Way Morning Pages, almost every day for many years. I sometimes refer to these pages as my Gratitude Pages, though mainly these are for getting the monkey mind out of my head and onto the paper so that the God thoughts flow through without obstruction.

Flow. Be still. And Flow. This is what we are all doing are we not? At least working towards getting to that place of staying in the present moment and letting Life Flow with all the love and perfection of who we are when we let go of the limiting thoughts about the physical.

Be still and know that I AM God.

Be still and know.

Be still.


Thank you.

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Dragonflies and Light Green

Posted by Whiz on August 30, 2015

In the morning after writing and spiritual study, I sit quietly with the routine of wide angle vision and countdowns and listen. As I was quietly doing this exercise, I saw movement directly in front of me while sitting on my balcony.

Dozens of dragon flies were darting about, zig-zagging up, down, forward, sudden reversals of directions. There didn’t appear any obvious reason for their flight patterns other than for the pure joy of movement. So many of them, some as large as small birds, all flitting about with their double wings moving them in all directions.

I have read that dragon flies consume thousands of mosquitoes…many times their weight each and every day. I didn’t see mosquitoes up at the level of my balcony though there are close to the ground around a small pond, but they surely must have been seeing them!

This flurry of dragon fly activity captured my interest and attention. I enjoyed watching for several minutes, and then they were gone! It is not unusual to see dragon flies in my area, but it is unusual to see this many in all sizes flying about up at this level.

Or is it? Have I been missing this air show on other mornings as I sit on my balcony to read simply because I’ve not been paying attention to this flurry of activity? Was this a feeding frenzy, or simply a flying for the pure joy of flying exercise? I choose the joy of flying response!

Another practice that I’ve been working with recently is that of choosing a different color for each day. Today I chose light lime green, the color of new growth found on many plants. Rather this color felt as though it chose me when it popped into my head to be my color for today. I first thought was that I wouldn’t be able to find many things with that color as I went through my day.  It isn’t a common color…..or so I thought until I began looking more closely.

I first noticed the underside of the leaves and the tiny stems attaching the petunias to the vine on this plant that sits on the table next to where I write–bright, light, lemony-lime green! Next I notice the outer edges of the geranium leaves also have that color all around each leaf on the outside edge. The tips of new growth on the Boston fern. The stems and thin leaves on the asparagus fern. The outer edge on the coleus that as the band of this brilliant green set against their deep burgundy purple of the centers and that highlights and complements that light, bright, lime green.

Then I notice the grasses of certain weeds growing amongst the dark greens of the grass lawn are this same light green. The new growth tips on the pine trees along the edge of the marsh. The outer edges and undersides of Princess Gem magnolia right below where I sit, the fronds of the Bald Cypress trees nearby, the marsh grasses awash with all sorts of greens and that have this bright light green mixed in and now stand out to me as if electrified. What wonderful swirls of this brilliant green shows up as I take notice of all the places this beautiful color has already shown up for me every day!

Fun experience! So much to see when we pause, look closely, paying attention and see what has always been present. How easily this beautiful color that’s not the main feature of a plant and can be missed when not paying attention.

Love this color. I love noticing this color showing up in so many places. This color represents fresh, new growth, bright, promise, complementary, highlights….all uplifting in feeling and appearance! Thank you for showing up light lime green!

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Lessons from Geraniums

Posted by Whiz on July 28, 2015

Has it really been five months since I last wrote in my blog? New Intent is that I write at least once each week from here on.

I have a large pot of brilliant red geraniums on my small porch. They brighten this space and fill my heart with gratitude for their beauty each time I look at those bright red blooms as they catch the morning sunlight.

Enjoying their brilliance this morning, I remembered that only a short while ago this plant was without a single bit of red bloom.

Recently I went away for two and half weeks, and my neighbor generously offered to help keep an eye on my plants for me while I was away. This was not an easy offer because she doesn’t believe she is very good at taking care of her own plants and was nervous about caring for mine, but she made the offer through love.

I was most grateful for her willingness to do this and assured her the plants would be fine with only minimum care and occasional watering. This geranium pot was left in place on my balcony. It was happy with all the perfect conditions of the morning sunlight that were expressed through the beauty of displaying ceaseless supply of many red blooms.

But the blooms turned brown. My neighbor was disappointed, afraid that she had killed these beautiful plants. She told me that the blooms had all turned brown until the entire plant was filled with only brown.  It looked so bad that she picked off all of the spent blooms leaving a large pot of nothing but green leaves.

After I returned home I was able to water and fertilize my plants every day, pinching and providing all their nutriments in fresh water and fertilizer. My neighbor didn’t realize it but by removing the spent blooms, and she was most grateful to learn that she had provided the perfect solution by removing the old and making room for the new blooms to grow.

Gradually, a bloom started to grow, responding to the fertilizer and fresh water. Then another, soon filling the plant once again with many beautiful, bright, red flowers.

It wasn’t up to me or my neighbor to make those geraniums bloom. They already had everything already within that was needed to perform and act as a geranium. All we needed to do was put them in the right light, making sure they received their “rightful nutriments” of sunlight, fertilizer and fresh water.

This is how geraniums grow.  This is how we grow.  This message has beautiful lessons to remember how we best grow as well….prune away the spent blooms (outgrown thinking), see that plants receive the needed amount of sunlight (Truth), add fertilizer (Love) and water (Life expressing Itself), and voila, blooms!

Let God do the writing and blooming of our lives. We are to stand fast, act as if we already are “possessing all power from God”, the only Creator, and recognize that this Truth is already true, we need only practice this Truth.

Love never fails whether looking like pots of geraniums, ourselves, our neighbors or our families near or far.

Thank you!


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Life Lessons

Posted by Whiz on February 28, 2015

I am traveling through another session of the 28 Day Wealth Journey available at Perception U.com and The Shift Center. I have traveled this journey many times. I learn something new with each adventurous journey.

Today is Day 11 this time through.

Yesterday, I didn’t write in my Wealth journal. I was to keep track of my thoughts, and decide later whether they were thoughts or Angel Ideas. Today is “Turn things back into thoughts day” following the writing. This has been educational. I want to share this day’s journey with you on this blog that I have been neglecting for a long while, relating here what I’ve learned today.

I am practicing turning thoughts into Angel Ideas. This is the process of what brings material thinking into Ideas, this process then brings thoughts into the realm of thinking as One Mind. I begin with the qualities of all that appears in my life…..translating these into the spiritual nature of what shines through. I discover what uplifts, inspires, transports.  This is the Action for today’s exercise of the Wealth Journey….practicing turning thoughts into Angel Ideas.

Sometimes what we do appears as “active not doing.” I recognize this as what happened for me yesterday. Yesterday began with a thought…..I realize now it was a thought of “compel”, rather “impel”.  I felt “obliged” to paint rather than inspired to paint.

I didn’t write yesterday for Day 9.  Instructions were that I was to wait until after I’d written down all the thoughts I had, then record what I was thinking, then write in this journal. This writing would help uncover whether it was a thought or Angel Idea.

I started with the thought, “Paint”. I got out my “Daily Painting” book, picking up where I had left off with last reading and read another couple of chapters. Then I thought, Paint. I got up to gather paints and supplies out of closet.  On my way, I decided to sweep kitchen floor first. I thought, ah ha, I’m procrastinating….go get the paints and paint.

Next thought, maybe I should mop the floor since I just swept it. I did. Then I thought, I should mop the bathroom floor as I was in this floor washing mode. So I did. Next, clean the toilet, and the sink, then wash rugs. I did all those tasks. Then……next thought, paint.

On my way to get the paints, I thought to check my messages.  I check messages. Next, I respond to messages. Next I listened to tapping exercises. Then I read blogs….blogs that are writing and telling me how I needed to work hard in order to perfect my talents of what I create. Then the thought. Paint.

Next thought, I’m not a good painter. Next thought, you have to paint, you must practice to get better. Then, then, then, many thoughts later and before I knew it, it was time to fix dinner. I decide I will paint after I eat. I watch television while I eat dinner.  I watch a bit more.

Nearly bed time now.  I check recorded programs. I discover one on ETV, Great Performances. I notice that it is with Josh Groban and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra together celebrating Italian Music and Movies. L LOVE  Josh. I decide to watch….just a little before I go to bed.

Oh, wow. This is so beautifiul. I watch some more. I watched an hour and half…the entire concert. I see each person, each instrument…..reveling and appreciating the thousands of dollars invested in all those instruments, all those dresses, all those tuxedos, thousands of hours of practice from each participant to become proficient at their particular instruments, then be chosen to play in this prestigious orchestra performance. Everyone. Many hours. Much discipline. Much beauty. Each individual plays their part beautifully, yet the true harmony and beauty of the playing comes as they play together. Wonderful music. Exhilarating. Uplifting. Harmony.

Next thought. I would never be that proficient in anything I do because I don’t work that hard. I felt very human, very small.  I most definitely knew this was not an Angel Idea.

I am listening and being guided by Angel Ideas. That’s it isn’t it? I am Listening and Being guided by Angel Ideas. Be this. Trust this. Live this life as an Angel Idea.

I am grateful for the beautiful concert that played in my home all day yesterday. I am grateful for that beautiful concert I recorded the of Josh Groban and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. I can replay this concert at any time, transporting me to the beautiful world of harmonious blending of music, images, voices, sounds, perfection. I see it. It is already mine…..within. I cannot see it outside of me if it isn’t already present within.

Back to today, Day 11, on the Wealth Journey. I recognize that thought, “paint”, was a compel thought. I felt obliged to paint based upon material perception that I haven’t painted in awhile rather then “impel” as a divine action to paint with inspiration. My actions for the day were harmonious….lasting….beautiful after all even though I didn’t paint.

The day ended with my listening to and appreciating that magnificent Great Performance with Josh and the orchestra singing and playing Italian lyrics that I could not understand with my head yet my heart was able to hear that beautiful music. I was appreciating….seeing….the beauty, talent, harmony expressed by others. No judgment, pure gratitude and appreciation.

I choose, instead of feeling guilty for not ever picking up my paint brush yesterday, to be grateful. Grateful for the day’s activities that lead me to express and appreciate….a clean house, and a wonderful concert.

Who knows, maybe this is the part of “This day as an unfoldment of infinite progress in which every detail is governed by the Law of Love”?

Who knows, maybe today is the day that I take the action and paint, feeling inspired by all the beauty I heard, I hear, I see, I hear again, and again.

Today I take action only on an impel. This feels like an Angel Idea.

“Just be what you are in the moment you are.”

I narrate this somewhat nonsensical day and thought processes I experienced in order to clarify my own thought processes. Yes, I do see the silliness of how thoughts fill up an entire day seeming to keep me away from what I “should” be doing. Yet, what an awareness lesson of expansion and learning.

Even when a day is filled with the mundane, the magical moments of inspirations for learning are all around.

Thank you.

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More Life Lessons

Posted by Whiz on November 16, 2013

It’s been a long awhile since my last blog entry. It is time to record life learning experiences with day to day living and from which I continue to learn.

Funny thing to read Millman’s words where he’s writing about how feeling stuck rather than going nowhere could actually be our backing up in order to get a running start to sprint into life’s next adventure. Okay. I like that thought that feels so much better than the thought that works into thoughts to say that I’m moving backwards in life.

I am awake to the true substance of wealth. This is the perfect awareness message for me to repeat. It’s from the series that I am repeating of the 28-Day Shift to Wealth offered through www.PerceptionU.com. I tell myself that this time through, I will do the shorter versions with the writing and working of daily exercises reading and writing practices I am to do each day.

I love to write. I write in notebooks, journals, blogs, forum, emails, letters. Seems that I go through dozens of pens running out of ink. I have stacks of notebooks, journals and pads from various writing experiences. I ask myself whether all this writing is worth all the pens, pads and paper? Am I waking up? Am I learning? AM awake and aware to what is the true the substance of wealth? Wealth?

Repeating this wealth journey I find that I’m asking whether what I do in life, is teaching, am I learning, growing, am I simply repeating not only this 28-day journey exercise. Am I also repeating outgrown patterns and behaviors? Am I seeing what I need to see to move forward in my understanding and leave outgrown patterns behind? “Open my eyes so I may see” I ask, Dear Father, Mother, God. Help me see what I need to see how I may leave behind positions outgrown.

Then I look down. I see an invoice, the invoice that was taped to my window when I returned to the parking lot after helping a friend at her art show the other night. I see that this invoice has the phone number I was to call in order “to obtain release” from the boot that was attached to my tire. A tire lock. Really? “This vehicle was immobilized”. I felt immobilized.

Yes. This most definitely got my attention, especially after reading, “maximum fine of $450” printed at the bottom of that invoice. Panic may better describe my initial reaction when I read that. But now, looking back, I realize as I remember that night. I did not panic. I was not “immobilized” except momentarily before remembering that I knew from where my release does and would come.

I knew where to turn. Look up. Listen. Angel thoughts came. Angels (“God’s thoughts passing to man”, as stated by Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health) came to me. They came as ideas of who to call, of what to do, especially when I realized that I didn’t have enough money to cover the costs for that fine I would have to pay to get that boot removed from my car.

Help showed up. Love was expressed to me through friends, family, even through the street vendor who showed compassion, giving one of those sweet grass rose stems to me he was trying to sell, walking around at 10 o’clock at night, trying to sell. He gave one to me….free….moved with compassion and love as he heard my predicament. i felt humbled. This showed up for me as love, so tangible, so real. I was moved to tears.

How many “wheel locking devices” work trying to find lodgement in thought to give us a message of lack rather than truth that all is provided for? We are able to feel completely love when we look for it. How many times have I found “release from” some error, as I pause, observe, listen, repent, turn around, walk the other way? Walk back towards the truth that is always there always what’s true of what is truly going on? Many times.

I realize that I am not ever moving backwards. Each position I’ve outgrown moves me forward with better understanding. Here a little. There a little. Clarifying each step.

Reminders show up, sometimes in not so gentle ways, but they show up to get my focus and attention. This notice has a qualifier written on it that states, “Coastal Parking Management is not responsible for damage of any kind.” The reason for the boot was, “failure to pay parking fees”. That’s true. I did not pay those parking fees. They were not interested in what my excuses were for not paying, I simply did not pay the fee that was required to park in that lot, and they put a boot on my car to get my attention. But, No, CPM is not responsible for damage, and neither am I……because there isn’t any.

There is no damage. No immobilization. The number of blessings that showed up through this experience have been many. With increasing awareness I learn that there truly is so much love in this world…..always showing up….just when needed most. I remember where I am to look to find the love that’s always all around…Look Up, and within. I remind myself to remember, pay attention, be willing to ask for help, then expect to receive it. “Even before we ask”….it shows up. Thank you.

I learned with a growing smidgeon more awareness that I am not a human expressing the divine trying to find perfection. There is only One Creation and this is divine, and it’s here, now.

How grateful I am that I AM Awake to the true substance of Wealth.

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Gratitude and a secretary

Posted by Whiz on August 13, 2013

I’ve been working with expanding concepts of wealth and with today’s exercise I have been continuing with the “t” in the word wealth to represent as a reminder of saying “thanks”, expressing thanks for all forms of wealth, everywhere.

Today I looked within to learn whether I have been seeing lack and believing that lack could be true whether in others or myself.

Am I believing that there is poverty in the world? Am I letting this belief tug at my heart, especially when appearing to show up as true for those close to me? Today’s exercise is a perfect reminder. A reminder that I am to stop believing in lack. Reject any and all suggestions looking to say that all may not be safe, secure, or lovingly provided for. Every idea is complete, perfect balance of supply provided by Divine Love, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Divine Love.

I love the practicality of standing with this angel idea of light and inspiration. Taking a stand for omnipresent provision reminds me that appreciation and enjoyment show up in simple ways of endearment each time I stop, look and listen for the many ways it can show up.

It showed up for me this morning while I was making coffee in my mother’s French press coffee maker that she had used for many years. Now, I use this coffee maker. I continue making coffee in perfect supply allowing me to make a single cup of delicious coffee, fresh tasting, without waste. Perfect Provision.

Light and inspiration showed up again when I was noticing the hand-written, oval stickers that my mother had placed above each of the small compartments of her secretary with labels such as, ‘envelopes’, ‘things to save’, ‘to be paid’, ‘paid receipts’, etc., and also one where she wrote the date of her move to South Carolina, ‘moved in, January 1, 1986’.

This secretary, I remember, is from the living room where I lived with my parents before getting married. This same secretary moved to Kentucky when my mother left Ohio after my father died. Next, it moved to Mt Pleasant when mother moved to South Carolina in 1986. Then the next move for the desk was when my mother moved in with us back in 1998 up in Salem, SC. Now with my last move, this secretary has moved with me and once again, we are both back in Mt Pleasant.

I love how this secretary appears custom made as it sits in this new location, my apartment. I love how it is the perfect size fitting into a nook in my apartment and how the secretary now serves as my computer desk, office and work station.

I love seeing those stickers, now fading, that are written in mother’s hand and bring back many sweet memories. I had tried to remove those stickers at one point but couldn’t do so without scratching the wood, and so they remain in place to serve as reminders of love. Reminders of how perfect provision is always available, always with perfect order, always in perfect balance, always fits…..practical solutions for all locations.

All safe, secure, lovingly provided. No Lack. Even before we ask.

Thank you.


Heron and full moon

Posted by Whiz on July 9, 2013

Another angel idea that’s been highlighted to my thoughts as I follow along this pathway of shifting to wealth-thinking-living-being, over and over and over as I repeat 28-Day Shift to Wealth course, and that I wish to share.

I love the reminder of I AM Omnipresent Mind that never loses or forgets. this is the focus for today’s writing exercise and practice. Perfect diagram for how we remember this Angel Idea throughout our days is to remember this. Practice this.

Nothing is ever lost. This gem that I found a quote this morning fits this discussion. “As far as the moon is concerned, he is always full”. Nathaniel LeTonnerre

Omnipresent Mind never forgets, and never sees us as anything but complete, whole, loving/loved/love. I love thinking from the perspective of One Mind, and now this gentle reminder of the moon always seeing itself as full enhances and enlarges this concept.

I sat with quiet time this morning outside on my balcony over-looking beautiful scenery. I saw a blue heron sitting on the water’s edge. Calm. Steady. Watchful. Poised. Getting a drink, not fishing. It turned towards me so that the eyes appeared to light up as the sun reflected in them, looking directly at me. Such a peaceful sensation filled me.

Never forgets. Such instances remind us of the symbolism that come to us through angel ideas as statements of Truth that help us learn how to trust. No quality of God is ever lost.

Heron represents self determination and self reliance, balance, progress, evolve, explore deeply, able to stand on my own, follow my own path, do variety of tasks. Follow what I know is best rather than the prompting of others and move toward opportunity. With humility. Listening within.

Heron has shown up before for me. This one was blue. I discover that it’s actually called Green Heron yet is a slate blue color, orange legs, and reflective eyes that look orange looking back directly at me, though I was a distance away. Gentle reminders. Angel Ideas. Artistic. Lovely.

Mind never loses or forgets. Repetition. So valuable to remember, so essential for success in all endeavors, yet often over-looked as a vital ingredient-—repetition, practice Being Love. Rather like rewriting of ideas to get further refined with each writing. Rather like repeating 28 Day Shift to Wealth again and again, practice slowly, learn more quickly. Repetition. Spiritual Truth exemplified and shining through Mary Baker Eddy’s writings. God is the vital part, the heart and soul of Love as we move along this path filled with Angel Ideas leading the way.

Eventually all becomes automatic, then, like the moon, we are able to see ourselves as always full. Always complete. Always shining by reflecting Light. Listening. Being.

I Am Omnipresent Mind and Mind never loses or forgets, perfect action for this 12th Day of Continuing Journey of 28 Days of Shifting Perceptions of Wealth (Beca Lewis/Shift Center)

Perfect repetition. Perfect balance. Perfect Love.

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Glimpsing Truth

Posted by Whiz on July 1, 2013

Today I am standing fast with Truth while knowing that with God ALL things are possible. It is not I that is responsible for making money, for finding supply, for getting things done. Yes, today I am stepping out of worldview that would say that I am responsible as I turn my thoughts to the One Creator.

As I imagine how it would feel to have all those things that I put on a list of things I wish to experience, and as I recognize that I am to have them without work, worry or responsibility, I am required to move thought out of the human and into the divine.

I love to imagine they are present for me now, to do with as I wish, now. and while writing my quality list for how it would feel when these are present, some words remain from previous lists I’ve made while moving through this exercise other times, and yet many continue to carry shining new lights of joy on my spiritual journey, and as I continue spiritual study, there are new words and ideas I keep adding to my list of qualities.

My number one on this list is that nothing is too hard or impossible because there is only One I AM. Yes, this is more than one word quality, but I didn’t know how to shorten the idea yet keep the full meaning. Next, I would feel peaceful. Then, enriched and grateful, of course abundant, next generous, joyful and most of all, loved.

With my study this morning I came across an article that highlighted these ideas surrounding infinite abundance. Asking the question, are there two kinds of economy, business, supply, the answer must be an emphatic, NO! The infinite is One, not two, otherwise it would not be infinite!

So, what is that appears as a human economy?

It is not an alternative to the divine….it IS the divine…misconceived. As I look at these ideas through the lens of material sense, I recognize that I am seeing the false sense and perspective with that mortal view. This is what’s upside down of what is true…..outside of the focal distance of infinity, which in actuality, is no view at all.

There is no such place. All that appears as material condition is mesmerism, illusion.

Illusion cannot make a downturn in the economy, a loss, a need, a fear. All there is to them is the belief they are true.

Mortal mind is an unreal projector and, as in a movie, that which appears to be on the screen, is really within the projector–and stays there in the projector–just as the conditions of mortal mind never leave this mind and remain illusion.

I love correcting this misstatement of fact in thought. The correct perspective—Principle’s interpretation of what is taking place–is the only solution. This transmutes all sense of lack into the consciousness of present and only perspective of the Divine Mind.

Reading a quote from Einstein today, “look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better” fits into this description perfectly. Mary Baker Eddy says we “must look deep into the realism of things rather than accepting the outward sense of things” further refines the idea.

There never has been a loss, market fluctuation, negative factor in the whole of being. The assertion that there are these experiences is all there is to them. Their only power is if accepted true. They’re not true. There is only One Creator. One I AM.

Thank you.

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Learning to Love

Posted by Whiz on June 14, 2013

I’ve been working with a daily discipline of reading, writing and quiet reflection of spiritual thoughts, ideas, Bible Lessons, and discovery that keep thoughts focused and at peace.

Today’s exercise revolves around the command to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Some of the insights that came to me brought new understanding surrounding these profound words of direction on how we live our lives.

Today is June 14, my 15th day of a walk through a 28-Day Shift to Wealth exercise. I love discovering enlarged and enlightening ideas with each walk through this pathway shift. Today is loving my neighbor as myself day. Yes, of course. We all understand that basically we are to love our neighbors. I love discovering also that we are Love Loving Itself as Itself, God’s (Love’s) expression. Enlarging this concept, why would we not love our neighbor in this same profound way?

In my quest of living Truth and listening to this voice in my head, that tries to sound like me, I realize that this neighbor going on at times in my head does not sound very loving. I now better understand that this voice is not really me even though it does a very good imitation. What a relief to discover that is not me. Is not the God expression, so I let it go.Yet still, that voice lingers within my head repeating less than God ideas.

Today’s exercise has me stepping back, looking outside in and be an objective observer, paying attention to what this voice as me was saying, both out loud, to myself about myself, and to others about myself, or to myself about others.

The first realization I had is that for all the awakening taking place within me and my experience that is enabling me to soften my views of what’s going on around me, that critic within continues sounding critical (and sounding very much like me) when referring to myself. This most definitely is not the voice of any neighbor I would go out of my way to be around if given a choice.

With the objective observer perspective, this voice can be easily recognized as not me, God, Truth or Love speaking, surely not how Love Loving Itself would speak. I am aware enough that I no longer believe what this voice says, yet I notice that I continue to give this counterfeit voice a space to speak, to hang out, day in and day out within my thoughts that pulls me down. Time for more enlightening discovery and remove any sense of credibility to that critical voice. Time to love my neighbor as myself, AS myself as my neighbor.

A twist on the words brings clarity as to my One Source, the one that I allow to hang out in thought. I no longer am tempted to believe that 2+2=5, not even for an instant do I believe that to be true. I no longer am tempted to examine why that equation isn’t true. In like manner, I need no longer be tempted to believe that voice.

That voice that sounds like me, yet carries many of the words I heard as a child that attached to my belief system as a truth about me, I now discover this is, in fact,not me at all It is not my mother, her mother, my sister, or even the world thought when sounding critical.

As an observer I see that voice of criticism must be impersonalized. It does not speak truth, it is error, DWAB, serpent, devil, untrue, a lie. We know that the only validity of a lie is to be believed as true. Once seen as a lie, it simply dissolves, disappears. The truth is God is the only Creator, and He makes only good.

My work is to listen and let Truth uncover the error that needs to be healed. Stop rehearsing what’s not true. Stand fast in the truth of Love as the only creator.

Let go. Trust.

Love my neighbor as myself.


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Lessons from birds

Posted by Whiz on May 18, 2013

It’s been a long while since writing on this blog. My time and focus seem to have been centered with writing in other venues. One of these is through traveling with Beca Lewis’ 28-Day Shift to Wealth that is a beautiful way to discipline daily writings and readings while discovering true wealth. I am continuing to repeat this wealth journey, and am in the 4th consecutive time through, discovering more and going deeper with each journey. I am copying and sharing today’s blog entry here in this blog. I hope to move back into practicing the discipline of writing here on a more consistent basis. I highly recommend the 28-Day Shift to Wealth that’s offered through perceptionu.com as part of the Shift Community as a gathering place for members. Check it out: perceptionu.com/about/join

Day 16, Love Letter Day of the 28 day journey (and beyond!) shifting to wealth. I will admit that I’ve not always actually written this letter on my several times through this exhibition. I have the last few times walking through.

This time through and with greater awareness, this letter almost wrote itself. I am filled with appreciation and acknowledgement of all the qualities from that poem from the Bible in the book of Corinthians referring to those I am qualities, I AM….patient, kind, truthful, protective, trusting, hopeful, persevering, successful. What stood out to me with today’s reading exercise is that many of the qualities come from what I am not….not proud, not rude, not self seeking, not easily angered, etc.

I much prefer stating as a positive of what I am rather than putting into negative of what I am not. This stems from something learned long ago that the sub-conscious doesn’t hear the “not”, and instead hears the “I am proud, rude, self seeking,” etc. Simple act. Profound difference, and this in spite of the truth that there is no subconscious in the realm of Truth, only One Mind, yet most beneficial to see and recognize the subtle distinctions.

This morning I had lovely experience and learning lessons from woodpecker, blue heron, and last week from blue jay, that fits in with today’s discussions surrounding loving ourselves.

Last week I had the privilege of seeing blue jay enjoying a bath in a small puddle in the woods while on a bike ride. I recognized this very private moment we shared is not something blue jay shares with just anyone! Looking up blue jay in Animal Speak I read blue jay to be a reminder to follow through on things, to not be a dabbler but rather become a true master. Reflecting on “the greater resourcefulness and adaptability about to unfold” and see the blue jay as indication of moving away from imbalance was helpful yet it didn’t move me away from the sense of being a dabbler as not so desirable to be.

Then this morning woodpecker showed up in a most distinctive manner of a single call. I couldn’t see it yet knew the call came from nearby branches. A few minutes later I saw the woodpecker fly directly in front on me, eye level, from right to left with the bright red head standing out clearly and most obviously getting my attention.

Animal Speak
mentions that typically woodpecker represents discrimination and the power of rhythm. Yet this woodpecker was not drumming with pecking, only the lone distinctive call and then flying past me. The red headed woodpecker, with the red mantle of feathers covering its head and neck, reflects stimulation of mental activities with awakening to new mental faculties…..stimulating new rhythms, new changes. The typical flight of woodpecker is an up and down flight, fly up, coast down, fly up, coast down, yet this woodpecker flew in a straight line across my range of view. I sense it was telling me to follow my own pattern, my own rhythm, do what works for me in the manner best for me. The foundation is here. Now safe to follow my rhythms.

I realize this post is getting a bit lengthy yet I must make mention of the next bird that showed up this morning. A blue heron. Flying straight towards me, then flying up over my building. Heron represents self determination, self reliance, symbols of balance, progress, exploring life into deeper significance. Blue heron feeds while standing in the water, reflecting a connection to earth while exploring, and this tells me the importance of exploring various activities.

On the surface this appears to be dabbling, the quality I perceived as lacking focus. Yet, here is the blue heron showing up to tell me that there is success through being the traditional “jack of all trades”. This ability enables me to follow my own path in a way that many people would not ever be able to do, not structured, not seeming to have stability and security in it. Yet there is. It’s simply a matter of perspective. Security in heron medicine gives the ability to do a variety of tasks. If one way doesn’t work, another will. Heron people seem to know….inherently.

This message of approval that I may trust this “jack of all trades” path and that I realize is a good thing rather than being out of balance. The heron flying past, head folded back in a flat s-shape loop, feet out behind in a straight line indicates innate wisdom of being able to maneuver through life and life circumstances, that allow movement towards opportunities that may present themselves was a perfect message for me on this write a love letter to myself day.

I am grateful for humility to know who is navigating. Thank you.