More Life Lessons

Posted by Whiz on November 16, 2013

It’s been a long awhile since my last blog entry. It is time to record life learning experiences with day to day living and from which I continue to learn.

Funny thing to read Millman’s words where he’s writing about how feeling stuck rather than going nowhere could actually be our backing up in order to get a running start to sprint into life’s next adventure. Okay. I like that thought that feels so much better than the thought that works into thoughts to say that I’m moving backwards in life.

I am awake to the true substance of wealth. This is the perfect awareness message for me to repeat. It’s from the series that I am repeating of the 28-Day Shift to Wealth offered through I tell myself that this time through, I will do the shorter versions with the writing and working of daily exercises reading and writing practices I am to do each day.

I love to write. I write in notebooks, journals, blogs, forum, emails, letters. Seems that I go through dozens of pens running out of ink. I have stacks of notebooks, journals and pads from various writing experiences. I ask myself whether all this writing is worth all the pens, pads and paper? Am I waking up? Am I learning? AM awake and aware to what is the true the substance of wealth? Wealth?

Repeating this wealth journey I find that I’m asking whether what I do in life, is teaching, am I learning, growing, am I simply repeating not only this 28-day journey exercise. Am I also repeating outgrown patterns and behaviors? Am I seeing what I need to see to move forward in my understanding and leave outgrown patterns behind? “Open my eyes so I may see” I ask, Dear Father, Mother, God. Help me see what I need to see how I may leave behind positions outgrown.

Then I look down. I see an invoice, the invoice that was taped to my window when I returned to the parking lot after helping a friend at her art show the other night. I see that this invoice has the phone number I was to call in order “to obtain release” from the boot that was attached to my tire. A tire lock. Really? “This vehicle was immobilized”. I felt immobilized.

Yes. This most definitely got my attention, especially after reading, “maximum fine of $450” printed at the bottom of that invoice. Panic may better describe my initial reaction when I read that. But now, looking back, I realize as I remember that night. I did not panic. I was not “immobilized” except momentarily before remembering that I knew from where my release does and would come.

I knew where to turn. Look up. Listen. Angel thoughts came. Angels (“God’s thoughts passing to man”, as stated by Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health) came to me. They came as ideas of who to call, of what to do, especially when I realized that I didn’t have enough money to cover the costs for that fine I would have to pay to get that boot removed from my car.

Help showed up. Love was expressed to me through friends, family, even through the street vendor who showed compassion, giving one of those sweet grass rose stems to me he was trying to sell, walking around at 10 o’clock at night, trying to sell. He gave one to me….free….moved with compassion and love as he heard my predicament. i felt humbled. This showed up for me as love, so tangible, so real. I was moved to tears.

How many “wheel locking devices” work trying to find lodgement in thought to give us a message of lack rather than truth that all is provided for? We are able to feel completely love when we look for it. How many times have I found “release from” some error, as I pause, observe, listen, repent, turn around, walk the other way? Walk back towards the truth that is always there always what’s true of what is truly going on? Many times.

I realize that I am not ever moving backwards. Each position I’ve outgrown moves me forward with better understanding. Here a little. There a little. Clarifying each step.

Reminders show up, sometimes in not so gentle ways, but they show up to get my focus and attention. This notice has a qualifier written on it that states, “Coastal Parking Management is not responsible for damage of any kind.” The reason for the boot was, “failure to pay parking fees”. That’s true. I did not pay those parking fees. They were not interested in what my excuses were for not paying, I simply did not pay the fee that was required to park in that lot, and they put a boot on my car to get my attention. But, No, CPM is not responsible for damage, and neither am I……because there isn’t any.

There is no damage. No immobilization. The number of blessings that showed up through this experience have been many. With increasing awareness I learn that there truly is so much love in this world…..always showing up….just when needed most. I remember where I am to look to find the love that’s always all around…Look Up, and within. I remind myself to remember, pay attention, be willing to ask for help, then expect to receive it. “Even before we ask”….it shows up. Thank you.

I learned with a growing smidgeon more awareness that I am not a human expressing the divine trying to find perfection. There is only One Creation and this is divine, and it’s here, now.

How grateful I am that I AM Awake to the true substance of Wealth.

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Lessons from birds

Posted by Whiz on May 18, 2013

It’s been a long while since writing on this blog. My time and focus seem to have been centered with writing in other venues. One of these is through traveling with Beca Lewis’ 28-Day Shift to Wealth that is a beautiful way to discipline daily writings and readings while discovering true wealth. I am continuing to repeat this wealth journey, and am in the 4th consecutive time through, discovering more and going deeper with each journey. I am copying and sharing today’s blog entry here in this blog. I hope to move back into practicing the discipline of writing here on a more consistent basis. I highly recommend the 28-Day Shift to Wealth that’s offered through as part of the Shift Community as a gathering place for members. Check it out:

Day 16, Love Letter Day of the 28 day journey (and beyond!) shifting to wealth. I will admit that I’ve not always actually written this letter on my several times through this exhibition. I have the last few times walking through.

This time through and with greater awareness, this letter almost wrote itself. I am filled with appreciation and acknowledgement of all the qualities from that poem from the Bible in the book of Corinthians referring to those I am qualities, I AM….patient, kind, truthful, protective, trusting, hopeful, persevering, successful. What stood out to me with today’s reading exercise is that many of the qualities come from what I am not….not proud, not rude, not self seeking, not easily angered, etc.

I much prefer stating as a positive of what I am rather than putting into negative of what I am not. This stems from something learned long ago that the sub-conscious doesn’t hear the “not”, and instead hears the “I am proud, rude, self seeking,” etc. Simple act. Profound difference, and this in spite of the truth that there is no subconscious in the realm of Truth, only One Mind, yet most beneficial to see and recognize the subtle distinctions.

This morning I had lovely experience and learning lessons from woodpecker, blue heron, and last week from blue jay, that fits in with today’s discussions surrounding loving ourselves.

Last week I had the privilege of seeing blue jay enjoying a bath in a small puddle in the woods while on a bike ride. I recognized this very private moment we shared is not something blue jay shares with just anyone! Looking up blue jay in Animal Speak I read blue jay to be a reminder to follow through on things, to not be a dabbler but rather become a true master. Reflecting on “the greater resourcefulness and adaptability about to unfold” and see the blue jay as indication of moving away from imbalance was helpful yet it didn’t move me away from the sense of being a dabbler as not so desirable to be.

Then this morning woodpecker showed up in a most distinctive manner of a single call. I couldn’t see it yet knew the call came from nearby branches. A few minutes later I saw the woodpecker fly directly in front on me, eye level, from right to left with the bright red head standing out clearly and most obviously getting my attention.

Animal Speak
mentions that typically woodpecker represents discrimination and the power of rhythm. Yet this woodpecker was not drumming with pecking, only the lone distinctive call and then flying past me. The red headed woodpecker, with the red mantle of feathers covering its head and neck, reflects stimulation of mental activities with awakening to new mental faculties…..stimulating new rhythms, new changes. The typical flight of woodpecker is an up and down flight, fly up, coast down, fly up, coast down, yet this woodpecker flew in a straight line across my range of view. I sense it was telling me to follow my own pattern, my own rhythm, do what works for me in the manner best for me. The foundation is here. Now safe to follow my rhythms.

I realize this post is getting a bit lengthy yet I must make mention of the next bird that showed up this morning. A blue heron. Flying straight towards me, then flying up over my building. Heron represents self determination, self reliance, symbols of balance, progress, exploring life into deeper significance. Blue heron feeds while standing in the water, reflecting a connection to earth while exploring, and this tells me the importance of exploring various activities.

On the surface this appears to be dabbling, the quality I perceived as lacking focus. Yet, here is the blue heron showing up to tell me that there is success through being the traditional “jack of all trades”. This ability enables me to follow my own path in a way that many people would not ever be able to do, not structured, not seeming to have stability and security in it. Yet there is. It’s simply a matter of perspective. Security in heron medicine gives the ability to do a variety of tasks. If one way doesn’t work, another will. Heron people seem to know….inherently.

This message of approval that I may trust this “jack of all trades” path and that I realize is a good thing rather than being out of balance. The heron flying past, head folded back in a flat s-shape loop, feet out behind in a straight line indicates innate wisdom of being able to maneuver through life and life circumstances, that allow movement towards opportunities that may present themselves was a perfect message for me on this write a love letter to myself day.

I am grateful for humility to know who is navigating. Thank you.


Darwin’s Tubercle & Dancing on the Planet

Posted by Whiz on August 26, 2012

My search for creative expression lead me to discover that I am part of 10.4% of the population that has this feature. Who knew? Or even wants to know this sort of unimportant, irrelevant even, information? Read on!

There is much to be learned from searching this topic but the short version of it all is, that it’s considered to be a congenital condition present as a thickening on the ear, and so called because its description was first published by Charles Darwin in the opening pages of The Descent of Man, as evidence of a vestigal feature indicating common ancestry among primates.

The gene for Darwin’s Tubercle believed to be inherited yet has incomplete penetrance, meaning that those who possess the gene will not necessarily present the mutation. Similar examples, hind legs on whales, extra toes on horses, teeth in chickens. Wow. Again I ask, who knew?!

My word for today is creative, and my intention is to notice when, where and how I see this expressed throughout my day.

This inspired me to watch again the YouTube video made by Matt Dancing on the Planet ap120710dancing on planet

Watching this expression of joy and dance makes me smile. This then lead me to want to read more about Matt and discover how this video came about, what inspired him, and is where I discovered the above tidbit of information about tubercles. I read that Matt has this Darwin tubercle which he thinks is the coolest name ever for anything (I do too!)

I had no idea what it was and looked up in Wikipedia to learn more, and is where I discovered this picture of human and primate ears. When I looked in the mirror, I discovered that I too have this atavistic feature on my right ear! Of course I had to write about this nonsensical yet comical discovery. Starting a survey….who else has this little known feature. Who knows where this path of discovery may lead?

I stand with Mary Baker Eddy as written in Science and Health p 14, “Entirely separate from the belief and dream of material living, is the Life divine, revealing spiritual understanding and consciousness of man’s dominion over the whole earth.” and move away from this human sense of genetics and congenital ear conditions as having any authority or truth.

Discernment is key to separate error from truth. The light of love shines throughout the world as seen, felt and expressed through the dancing video. I choose the beauty of dance and the humor of discovery.

More to follow on this path of discovery and creativity……

In the meantime, keep dancing! Thank you Matt for this lesson of discovery!


Why Don’t We Do What We Know Works and How We Recognize the Lie?

Posted by Whiz on June 14, 2012

I have not written recently in my blog. I have neglected writing my Morning Pages. Both areas of writing are beneficial as they help in getting random thoughts out of my head and down on the paper. Morning pages especially have proven beneficial to addressing this idea as it gets busy and heavy within when left to rumble around and around in thought!

“Morning pages”, so called, is the practice of writing early each morning, sitting down to write before the day’s demands rush in to write down whatever may be traveling through our thoughts. Writing constantly, no stopping, critiquing or correcting grammar or spelling, and without lifting hand from page until three pages have been written. The purpose for this? To clear away that clutter from our head, to make room for thoughts from the heart….messages within…to have room to grow.

Sometimes that voice that sounds like it’s us speaking. It pretends to be helpful, pretends to be constructive, yet all the while it’s creeping in, taking up space, crowding out angel thoughts until we are tricked into believing that that’s our voice, or even worse….God’s voice talking. How we determine whether it’s the talking serpent/liar or not is when we look within to determine how we feel after hearing and listening to the message. Does the message bring a sense of peace? Does it bring a sense of not good?

After writing this morning’s “morning pages”, a piece of yellow paper caught my attention. Where it came from or even how it happened to be on my table at that moment are not clear. But the words were definitely for my attention and consideration. These words were written in my handwriting, not my regular hand writing, but with my left-handwriting, a practice I had to do for several weeks while recovering from a broken shoulder. This left-hand writing was very distinctive, yet recognizably my hand writing practice from several years ago. Definitely attention getting with this slip of paper showing up this morning.

The words I had written and now read were, “It’s a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible and how to find the miracle of joyful living from my own life circumstances.” I do not know what the “it” may have been in reference to….perhaps a tree or bird or plant that had been brought into focus at that time. What it brought into focus for me now was that this message was not easy to hear.

Why has this message resurfaced for me? Especially now with many thoughts popping in and out of my thinking that are trying to say there is not much miracle or success going on? Gratefully I recognize that this is not my true voice that speaks with such thoughts.

Yes, I have succeeded in finding time for quietly listening. For gratitude. For healing thoughts and messages for friends and family. Then that voice comes in with messages that I must do more. That there is not enough…time, money, buyers, clients, listings, income, investments, savings, paintings, successes. No, this cannot be true in this perfect balance of God, good, the One and only Creator kingdom filled with love, harmony and perfection.

Yes, I see demonstrated in remarkably moving and profound ways–small in the physical realm—that do bring moments of clarity. Then that voice that claims to be me sneaks in with niggling thoughts, “you need to do more….”

Ah-Ha! Now I hear it—-this voice….no longer speaking to me with the “I’ word. I have been alert to detecting that voice’s messages and was not listening to as often. So, now it comes in the form of “you”, as if there is another speaking to me from my within. This is a judging voice that sits within and tells me messages about what “you should be doing”. I’ve been listening! But….

Again I say, ah-ha! Now “you” have been seen, recognized……that is not my voice, not God’s voice, not my mother’s voice, children’s voices, nor business, nor articles, not anyone that I need to listen to. It is the subtle….and sometimes not so subtle….voice of error, the talking serpent! I KNOW there is no such thing. Yet with it coming in such a way that I have not been quite as alert to dismiss or to turn it out of thought and say, “get thee behind me…..” You have no reality, no truth, no validity, no creator, no foundation, no……anything that can attach itself to anyone.

The only seeming validity it can appear to possess is for us to believe it…the lie….to be true. A lie once seen as false simply fades into obscurity.

Thank you morning pages. Thank you God. Thank you angels for this small piece of yellow paper showing up today. Thank you for the articles and awareness about serpent showing up. All of this truly is the miracle of joyful living from my own life circumstances.

Even when lulled into brief periods of unawareness, I better recognize that was not me. There is only One, I AM. All is now. All is love.

That feels so much lighter!