More Life Lessons

Posted by Whiz on November 16, 2013

It’s been a long awhile since my last blog entry. It is time to record life learning experiences with day to day living and from which I continue to learn.

Funny thing to read Millman’s words where he’s writing about how feeling stuck rather than going nowhere could actually be our backing up in order to get a running start to sprint into life’s next adventure. Okay. I like that thought that feels so much better than the thought that works into thoughts to say that I’m moving backwards in life.

I am awake to the true substance of wealth. This is the perfect awareness message for me to repeat. It’s from the series that I am repeating of the 28-Day Shift to Wealth offered through I tell myself that this time through, I will do the shorter versions with the writing and working of daily exercises reading and writing practices I am to do each day.

I love to write. I write in notebooks, journals, blogs, forum, emails, letters. Seems that I go through dozens of pens running out of ink. I have stacks of notebooks, journals and pads from various writing experiences. I ask myself whether all this writing is worth all the pens, pads and paper? Am I waking up? Am I learning? AM awake and aware to what is the true the substance of wealth? Wealth?

Repeating this wealth journey I find that I’m asking whether what I do in life, is teaching, am I learning, growing, am I simply repeating not only this 28-day journey exercise. Am I also repeating outgrown patterns and behaviors? Am I seeing what I need to see to move forward in my understanding and leave outgrown patterns behind? “Open my eyes so I may see” I ask, Dear Father, Mother, God. Help me see what I need to see how I may leave behind positions outgrown.

Then I look down. I see an invoice, the invoice that was taped to my window when I returned to the parking lot after helping a friend at her art show the other night. I see that this invoice has the phone number I was to call in order “to obtain release” from the boot that was attached to my tire. A tire lock. Really? “This vehicle was immobilized”. I felt immobilized.

Yes. This most definitely got my attention, especially after reading, “maximum fine of $450” printed at the bottom of that invoice. Panic may better describe my initial reaction when I read that. But now, looking back, I realize as I remember that night. I did not panic. I was not “immobilized” except momentarily before remembering that I knew from where my release does and would come.

I knew where to turn. Look up. Listen. Angel thoughts came. Angels (“God’s thoughts passing to man”, as stated by Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health) came to me. They came as ideas of who to call, of what to do, especially when I realized that I didn’t have enough money to cover the costs for that fine I would have to pay to get that boot removed from my car.

Help showed up. Love was expressed to me through friends, family, even through the street vendor who showed compassion, giving one of those sweet grass rose stems to me he was trying to sell, walking around at 10 o’clock at night, trying to sell. He gave one to me….free….moved with compassion and love as he heard my predicament. i felt humbled. This showed up for me as love, so tangible, so real. I was moved to tears.

How many “wheel locking devices” work trying to find lodgement in thought to give us a message of lack rather than truth that all is provided for? We are able to feel completely love when we look for it. How many times have I found “release from” some error, as I pause, observe, listen, repent, turn around, walk the other way? Walk back towards the truth that is always there always what’s true of what is truly going on? Many times.

I realize that I am not ever moving backwards. Each position I’ve outgrown moves me forward with better understanding. Here a little. There a little. Clarifying each step.

Reminders show up, sometimes in not so gentle ways, but they show up to get my focus and attention. This notice has a qualifier written on it that states, “Coastal Parking Management is not responsible for damage of any kind.” The reason for the boot was, “failure to pay parking fees”. That’s true. I did not pay those parking fees. They were not interested in what my excuses were for not paying, I simply did not pay the fee that was required to park in that lot, and they put a boot on my car to get my attention. But, No, CPM is not responsible for damage, and neither am I……because there isn’t any.

There is no damage. No immobilization. The number of blessings that showed up through this experience have been many. With increasing awareness I learn that there truly is so much love in this world…..always showing up….just when needed most. I remember where I am to look to find the love that’s always all around…Look Up, and within. I remind myself to remember, pay attention, be willing to ask for help, then expect to receive it. “Even before we ask”….it shows up. Thank you.

I learned with a growing smidgeon more awareness that I am not a human expressing the divine trying to find perfection. There is only One Creation and this is divine, and it’s here, now.

How grateful I am that I AM Awake to the true substance of Wealth.

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Gratitude and a secretary

Posted by Whiz on August 13, 2013

I’ve been working with expanding concepts of wealth and with today’s exercise I have been continuing with the “t” in the word wealth to represent as a reminder of saying “thanks”, expressing thanks for all forms of wealth, everywhere.

Today I looked within to learn whether I have been seeing lack and believing that lack could be true whether in others or myself.

Am I believing that there is poverty in the world? Am I letting this belief tug at my heart, especially when appearing to show up as true for those close to me? Today’s exercise is a perfect reminder. A reminder that I am to stop believing in lack. Reject any and all suggestions looking to say that all may not be safe, secure, or lovingly provided for. Every idea is complete, perfect balance of supply provided by Divine Love, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Divine Love.

I love the practicality of standing with this angel idea of light and inspiration. Taking a stand for omnipresent provision reminds me that appreciation and enjoyment show up in simple ways of endearment each time I stop, look and listen for the many ways it can show up.

It showed up for me this morning while I was making coffee in my mother’s French press coffee maker that she had used for many years. Now, I use this coffee maker. I continue making coffee in perfect supply allowing me to make a single cup of delicious coffee, fresh tasting, without waste. Perfect Provision.

Light and inspiration showed up again when I was noticing the hand-written, oval stickers that my mother had placed above each of the small compartments of her secretary with labels such as, ‘envelopes’, ‘things to save’, ‘to be paid’, ‘paid receipts’, etc., and also one where she wrote the date of her move to South Carolina, ‘moved in, January 1, 1986’.

This secretary, I remember, is from the living room where I lived with my parents before getting married. This same secretary moved to Kentucky when my mother left Ohio after my father died. Next, it moved to Mt Pleasant when mother moved to South Carolina in 1986. Then the next move for the desk was when my mother moved in with us back in 1998 up in Salem, SC. Now with my last move, this secretary has moved with me and once again, we are both back in Mt Pleasant.

I love how this secretary appears custom made as it sits in this new location, my apartment. I love how it is the perfect size fitting into a nook in my apartment and how the secretary now serves as my computer desk, office and work station.

I love seeing those stickers, now fading, that are written in mother’s hand and bring back many sweet memories. I had tried to remove those stickers at one point but couldn’t do so without scratching the wood, and so they remain in place to serve as reminders of love. Reminders of how perfect provision is always available, always with perfect order, always in perfect balance, always fits…..practical solutions for all locations.

All safe, secure, lovingly provided. No Lack. Even before we ask.

Thank you.


Walking in the Rain

Posted by Whiz on July 14, 2013

This message came through a friend. Such a beautiful message that I wanted to preserve, so decided to put it on my blog!

Trust that it will come through for you when you click on above link. Simple truths that are gentle reminders for us that we can choose beauty and beautiful things instead of a gloomy response, and pretty music to listen as we read.

I love all of the flow to things that’s growing each day as more of us look for and find these lovely gems to share through blogs, newsletters, and seminars.

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Love Letters and blueberries

Posted by Whiz on June 15, 2013

June 15 was my mother’s birthday.

Today is day 16 of the shift to wealth exercise I continue with. And today’s exercise is to write a love letter to myself day. This morning I did just that, Sat right down and wrote myself a letter.

Wasn’t that fun to watch!? !had to look it up as the words rolled around in thought

Writing myself a letter is an interesting experience. Wonder what future self will have to say when she gets this letter. Remembering that there is only NOW, I believe that she will enjoy reading about where I am(was) when I wrote it. Interesting experience. Try it sometime.

As I noted above, today was the day we celebrated my mother’s b-day. No particular sadness as I think about her. Yes, I miss her, yet the gratitude I feel for who she was fills my thoughts of her more than sadness.

And thoughts of blueberries come to mind when I think of her.

My mother baked delicious blueberry pies. She was delighted to learn that I had a blueberry bush in the back yard of the place she would call home after moving in with my husband and me a number of years ago.

This was a remarkable bush that unfailingly produced perfect amount of blueberries, enough for several pies, batches of muffins, crisps, brown bettys, and enough for sharing with the birds, raccoons and squirrels those berries that grew on branches too high to reach or those that fell to the ground and were buried in the ivy that grew beneath this bush. I called it remarkable because this bush grew and produced a perfect crop of blueberries every year while growing under a canopy of tall pine trees, mixed in with several dogwoods. We know that blueberry bushes love open sunshine.

The blueberry requires a male and a female in order to reproduce, as well as bright sunshine, so how was this lone blueberry bush able to find exactly what it needed to not just grow, but thrive, right there planted under dappled shade and with no obvious male bush present or in sight? It was always a delight and wonder to me. I had the added delight and benefit of fresh blueberries on my cereal in addition to all the baked wonders wielded through my mother’s culinary touch and love of baking and blueberries.

Yes, June 15, brings memories of my mother. And has me thinking about blueberries. Missing them both yet grateful to remember how remarkable both my mother and that blueberry bush she so loved were.

After writing my love letter to myself, I did a Google search curious as to where I could find fresh blueberries to pick in this new location of where I now live. I discover that there are many. Enough to provide me with several new adventures of day trips to not too far away You-Pick Farms. And I discovered that there is a farm with fresh you-pick blueberries that’s less than few miles away from where I live.


Now I’m off for a fun day trip, singing this song of writing myself a love letter playing in my head as I drive.

Hmmm, wonder what Google search for blueberries might turn up?

No, not Fats, but will have to do.

I’m off to my adventure while cherishing fond memories of my mother, blueberries, as well as husband, and father close in thoughts too what with Father’s Day tomorrow.

Filled up full with love, letters, and happy memories.


The Art of Allowing

Posted by Whiz on January 24, 2012

I am aware that I see beauty everywhere. Yet I do not see beauty reflected in the mirror.

New awareness. This reflection—is that me?

This morning the words “Art of Allowing” jumped off the cd that was on my counter when those words captured my attention. This cd is one from a series called Living the Art of Allowing that has been in my car for a very long time, and is part of a 6-cd series that I bought in 2006, and the only cd from the set that I still have. I brought it inside after cleaning out the interior of my car with the intention of listening to it again. The topic of this cd # 4 is “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent”.

I am currently taking the Intent Course….again …taking with renewed purpose and intention this time around, and so I thought this was no accident that I bumped into this particular cd with this word “Intent “ in the title. I have not re-listened to the cd but since those words jumped off the page to me this morning, I decided to sit with the question of allowing in my quiet time this morning.

Back to the image in the mirror. When not looking in the mirror, I “see” myself as beautiful, loving, able to discern and appreciate beauty in all walks of life. So why is it so difficult to see that in the image I see in the mirror? Am I believing in separation? Am I believing that there is something I need to do, such as lose weight, exercise, have face lift, change hair color in order to be more beautiful? Is that what makes us beautiful? I know that’s not true about others, why can’t I see that about myself? Am I believing more in the world view than the spiritual?

Of course those are all exterior finishes….sort of like a coat of paint, right? Except that I am learning that what I see on the outside is reflecting what is inside. Am I willing to uncover the error and expose what’s really going on? Am I willing to trust, to love myself as God’s expression, exactly as He made me? Beautiful, complete…”His work is done….and behold, very good…”? Not human?

Or do I still have a belief in separation from God? What is beauty? What is beautiful? Why is it so easy for me to see beauty everywhere except within? This is what needs to let go—belief that God’s idea is ever, could ever, be anything except beautiful—not a certain size, weight, color, height, form. This is a huge revelation and awareness.

I remember hearing my mother tell me on many occasions, “handsome is as handsome does”. What I heard was, “you’re not beautiful, deal with it, be satisfied with the idea that you’ll never be beautiful, so be a nice person instead so people will like you.” That is the message I heard.

I realize that this is why seeing beauty, helping others see beauty they possess, uncover the error in thought about what makes one beautiful has been so important to me. It is this false belief that needs to be washed away, healed, and to see only love filling all space.

When I look at pictures of my mother when she was a young girl, I see that she truly was a beautiful little girl. She also was considered large for her age, standing taller than her mother as well as her older brother. Her mother was a small and slender person. I can imagine some of the things my mother may have been told as a child from a mother who was not known for her nurturing qualities but had a rather austere, stern way that she conveyed.

I know that my mother associated small with beautiful and big with clumsy, big was not beautiful, and she was never able to feel beautiful herself. The thought comes to me now that she had not learned how to nurture nor appreciate her innate beauty. Her mother, who had never learned how to nurture, nor even appreciate beauty beyond appearances, was not able to teach my mother how to nurture either. (Does this mean that I don’t know how to nurture? Another thought floating to the surface to flow away as an untruth about One Parent, Love, that we are. )

Big associated with clumsy. This is what I associate as I recall over hearing my mother talking about me to someone, telling them that I was not very graceful. I took tap dance lessons believing that I wasn’t graceful enough for ballet. Did I want to take ballet? I don’t remember. I did enjoy tapping.

I had not taken tap lessons very long around the time I was to go ice skating with my siblings. I was told that I had to use the double runner skates. I hated them. They weren’t pretty. They weren’t graceful. They were baby skates. I’m not a baby. (I remember my favorite thing about getting a baby brother was that I was no longer the baby of the family)
I talked my sister into letting me wear her single-runner skates after she was finished, and while we were waiting for our ride home. I’ll show them. I can too skate on big-girl skates. But those skates were too big for me. It was really hard skating on just one runner. I couldn’t skate. I fell. Hard. I couldn’t get up.

I remember my brother and sister kept telling me to get up. Quit being a baby. Stop crying. But I couldn’t get up. Everyone kept trying to make me walk on the sore leg. I kept crying. I couldn’t. It hurt too much.
Finally—I don’t remember how long—they believed me and I was taken for x-ray. My leg was broken—in two places. Everyone felt badly about trying to make me walk on a broken leg.

I still remember that cast. From my toes all the up to the top of my thigh, and I had to wear it a long, long time. I can still remember not being able to scratch the itch under the cast, and the smell from my toes from not being able to wash thoroughly between the toes well enough to eliminate that smell.

I remember when that cast was finally cut off…..with an electric power saw…I was so scared. And then I remember my disappointment when told that we needed to put another cast back on because the bone wasn’t completely healed. This next cast was smaller but still covered my whole leg. I don’t remember just how long all of this took, but to a 7 year old, it seemed like an eternity.

I remember when the second cast was finally taken off….again cut off with a power saw but not as scary this time because I now knew they weren’t going to actually slip and saw off my leg by mistake. I remember standing in our living room in that house in Ravenna after coming home without the cast and with my entire family standing there all telling me to walk. Only I couldn’t. It still hurt…..this time because the leg was filled with pins and needles because of being in a cast for such a long time….much too painful for this 7 year old in spite of all the prodding to ignore the pins and walk. I kept hearing, “don’t be a baby”, “stop crying”, “walk”. I don’t remember any nurturing comments.

I don’t have a memory of what happened next but I obviously did start walking again. I remember that I didn’t take any more tap dance lessons. I believed that I was too clumsy. “Handsome is as handsome does”.

I have loved watching the Ice Capades. I could feel myself gliding across that ice, dancing on single-runner skates moving gracefully to beautiful music, wearing a beautiful, flowing dress, and in the arms of a handsome man. Yes, that was me. I felt it all within. I did learn to ice skate, on single runners, though I never felt quite as graceful as the professional skaters. I still love watching them.

I love to watch dancing too. I love imagining myself waltzing around and around with beautiful music in the arms of a beautiful man. I feel it completely.

This is what has been uncovered. I better understand my love of graceful ice skaters and dancers and beautiful things.
I’m sorry dear Father that I have not been seeing your beautiful child as clearly as you do. I do feel your loving embrace. Thank you.

Many life lessons throughout all of this uncovering and unfolding within me. I realize that in many ways I am still that little girl wobbling around the ice pond of life saying, “See, I can too skate on single runner skates!”

And I continue learning through “the art of allowing” that even “handsome is as handsome does” carries messages of love within it and I do feel loved.

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Unexpected Gifts

Posted by Whiz on December 2, 2011

Sometimes gifts show up in unexpected ways and when we’re least looking for them.

I received a beautiful gift although at first glance when first showed up, it was disguised as a problem. For several days I have been cleaning, painting, moving refrigerator, etc. at my sister in law’s rental house nearby, preparing house for young couple who wanted to move in this weekend. Much clean up has been required as this house has been vacant for over a year. I live nearby and my sister in law lives in Charlotte, so it seemed natural that I help out.

Finally all work had been completed, cleaning supplies loaded into car, all doors locked, and the garage door opener was left on kitchen counter for the new renters, electric garage door closed from inside, and I left via the side garage door which I locked on my way out. As soon as I had closed the door, I stopped. Oh no. What had I done?! My car was in the garage. With my car keys, including the house key, my cell phone, everything locked inside the garage. Hello. What was I thinking?

I paused. Really had to fight the urge to slap myself upside the head for doing something so, so, so, so…..stupid. Heard the angel message to walk next door to call rental manager so he could bring another key. Neighbor was most friendly and helpful and preparing for a dinner party soon to begin. Rental manager was tied up and unable to help. Next angel thought (with many interrupting less than productive thoughts in between) I remembered that I had recently found an extra key to this house at my house.

One of neighbor’s guests drove me to my house, waited for me to find the key, and then drove me back to the house. I poked my head inside to thank neighbor once again for her help. She invited me in for glass of wine. I hesitated, but agreed after much insistence from all the guests. Enjoyed beautiful conversations with new friends. Then walked next door to retrieve my car. What a gift.

I drove home feeling uplifted and rejuvenated, taking the garage door opener with me just in case…..

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