Hello again!

Posted by Whiz on July 21, 2016

Wow, talk about a long neglected part of me……here it is. This blog.
So now I start again. Am I able to update and fill in all that’s gone on since my last entry here?
When I learn how, I shall copy into this blog another blog message that I started on Adobe Spark. Learning the ins and outs, I have much more to learn!

Many lessons. Lots to learn. I love life. I love sharing. I love writing. I love creating. Moving forward, here I go. Hoping that some will join in the adventure.

I have continued to write Artist’s Way Morning Pages, almost every day for many years. I sometimes refer to these pages as my Gratitude Pages, though mainly these are for getting the monkey mind out of my head and onto the paper so that the God thoughts flow through without obstruction.

Flow. Be still. And Flow. This is what we are all doing are we not? At least working towards getting to that place of staying in the present moment and letting Life Flow with all the love and perfection of who we are when we let go of the limiting thoughts about the physical.

Be still and know that I AM God.

Be still and know.

Be still.


Thank you.

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Travel and fun!

Posted by Whiz on December 22, 2015

Wow, here we are almost at the end of 2015, only a small amount of time left in the year for another entry in this blog.   Many more adventures this year that are not yet reflected in the few pictures that I’ve posted, nor written about either. I hope to add more once I track down the pictures on my new computer.

What a beautiful year…filled with adventure and expansion….both of which I love and look for as often as possible. Can it really be almost 2016?! 2015 seems that it flew past.

I’ve driven many miles this year, 2500+ of which were on an exciting adventure traveled with my two grandsons.   They graduated from high school this year, and both agreed they would love to drive back with me from California where I went for a conference in Los Angeles. I drove out there by myself finding many fun and interesting places along the way. Then the boys met me and we drove back together, helping with the driving, allowing me to enjoy seeing the country along the way as a passenger. How cool is that?!

Many fun stops as we followed the old Route 66, that Interstate 40 now closely mirrors, and is filled with beautiful scenery with interesting and historic places all along the way. The adventures began with Jack and James flying to LA, where my friend Diane, who lives there, agreed to meet and pick them up at airport to then take back to my hotel.  The boys were to have met in Charlotte so that they would then fly out west on the same flight. Diane would meet and bring them to where I was at conference. That plan looked great on paper, and it was except for one major hitch…..Jack missed his flight out of Knoxville, thus his connecting flight in Charlotte, arriving at different time on different flight in LA, and  that no one knew which one.

Diane adapted so very graciously to this rapidly changing schedule of events, made all the more challenging when Jack’s phone was no longer working because he forgot to hook up to charger before he fell asleep.  Fortunately, Diane has the patience of Job, plus James did meet up successfully with Diane and family as scheduled, and James knew what Jack looked like so he could recognize him as passengers arrived from flights out of Charlotte! James had been in contact with Jack before the phone was out of commission and knew that Jack had missed his flight, but wasn’t certain of his new flight number or airline.

Not a stellar beginning to this first time adventure of flying, by themselves, out west, to meet people they’ve not ever met before as they stepped out on their own for travel and adventure! All ended well even if a few hair raising moments for the parents and friends to go through while Jack was out of touch and until all were finally connected and together at LAX! Thank you Diane and family for all that you shared with the boys and me while in LA!

Adventures begin.  Including learning to surf in the Pacific with some beautiful girls (Diane’s daughter and friends), dining in many fun and cool places, including the Shrimp House in LA, then dining high above all of Las Vegas while overlooking the city, walking across the Hoover Dam, then creating rock cairns while visiting vortexes in Sedona, walking on (and getting lost) on the Grand Canyon rim trail for several hours without extra water (texting mom and dad back home telling them they’re lost in the Grand Canyon causing few more gray hairs on parent’s heads), where taking the wrong turn  lead to the added miles of hiking away from where we had agreed to meet, experiencing snow in summer time at some of those higher elevations, plus discovering the awesome beauty of the Petrified Forest in Arizona, to name just a flew of our awesome adventures.

Beauty and laughter were everywhere we went, from the grand vistas of the Grand Canyon to the fun and comedy of discovering off the main road, a small western museum that allowed us hands-on fun of taking pictures of boys playing cards, guns in hands and cowboy hats on heads, then another with them in jail, next driving Model T Ford, and last but not least, hanging from a noose around their necks and appearing to be dangling from a full-sized hangman’s tree.

Jack and James found friendly and beautiful girls wherever they went (suggesting that I was their chick magnet). Evidently traveling with their grandmother proved to be a great conversation starter that helped them meet these girls and worked as a trust factor……they must be nice people to be traveling with their grandmother, right? Who knew or could have predicted that? I’m grateful that I am cool enough they’re willing to travel with me.

They found courage and talents they had not yet discovered within themselves as they did with donning wet suits to learn to surf in the Pacific Ocean, to the jumping off 100-foot rock ledges into ice-cold mountain river below…and where at each location the beautiful young girls were there, urging them to join in these feats. They would not dare admit to being too fearful to attempt when girls were already there doing them!

I had hoped that Jack and James would keep a journal so they would have the events to relive over and over.  They’re convinced that they will remember them perfectly without writing them down.  I am grateful to be writing about some of these adventures in this blog for me to keep track.

Happy memories. Happy travels. I discovered how beautiful this country is, how friendly people are everywhere, and just how wonderful my two grandsons, Jack and James, truly are, for which I am so very grateful!

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Life Lessons

Posted by Whiz on February 28, 2015

I am traveling through another session of the 28 Day Wealth Journey available at Perception U.com and The Shift Center. I have traveled this journey many times. I learn something new with each adventurous journey.

Today is Day 11 this time through.

Yesterday, I didn’t write in my Wealth journal. I was to keep track of my thoughts, and decide later whether they were thoughts or Angel Ideas. Today is “Turn things back into thoughts day” following the writing. This has been educational. I want to share this day’s journey with you on this blog that I have been neglecting for a long while, relating here what I’ve learned today.

I am practicing turning thoughts into Angel Ideas. This is the process of what brings material thinking into Ideas, this process then brings thoughts into the realm of thinking as One Mind. I begin with the qualities of all that appears in my life…..translating these into the spiritual nature of what shines through. I discover what uplifts, inspires, transports.  This is the Action for today’s exercise of the Wealth Journey….practicing turning thoughts into Angel Ideas.

Sometimes what we do appears as “active not doing.” I recognize this as what happened for me yesterday. Yesterday began with a thought…..I realize now it was a thought of “compel”, rather “impel”.  I felt “obliged” to paint rather than inspired to paint.

I didn’t write yesterday for Day 9.  Instructions were that I was to wait until after I’d written down all the thoughts I had, then record what I was thinking, then write in this journal. This writing would help uncover whether it was a thought or Angel Idea.

I started with the thought, “Paint”. I got out my “Daily Painting” book, picking up where I had left off with last reading and read another couple of chapters. Then I thought, Paint. I got up to gather paints and supplies out of closet.  On my way, I decided to sweep kitchen floor first. I thought, ah ha, I’m procrastinating….go get the paints and paint.

Next thought, maybe I should mop the floor since I just swept it. I did. Then I thought, I should mop the bathroom floor as I was in this floor washing mode. So I did. Next, clean the toilet, and the sink, then wash rugs. I did all those tasks. Then……next thought, paint.

On my way to get the paints, I thought to check my messages.  I check messages. Next, I respond to messages. Next I listened to tapping exercises. Then I read blogs….blogs that are writing and telling me how I needed to work hard in order to perfect my talents of what I create. Then the thought. Paint.

Next thought, I’m not a good painter. Next thought, you have to paint, you must practice to get better. Then, then, then, many thoughts later and before I knew it, it was time to fix dinner. I decide I will paint after I eat. I watch television while I eat dinner.  I watch a bit more.

Nearly bed time now.  I check recorded programs. I discover one on ETV, Great Performances. I notice that it is with Josh Groban and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra together celebrating Italian Music and Movies. L LOVE  Josh. I decide to watch….just a little before I go to bed.

Oh, wow. This is so beautifiul. I watch some more. I watched an hour and half…the entire concert. I see each person, each instrument…..reveling and appreciating the thousands of dollars invested in all those instruments, all those dresses, all those tuxedos, thousands of hours of practice from each participant to become proficient at their particular instruments, then be chosen to play in this prestigious orchestra performance. Everyone. Many hours. Much discipline. Much beauty. Each individual plays their part beautifully, yet the true harmony and beauty of the playing comes as they play together. Wonderful music. Exhilarating. Uplifting. Harmony.

Next thought. I would never be that proficient in anything I do because I don’t work that hard. I felt very human, very small.  I most definitely knew this was not an Angel Idea.

I am listening and being guided by Angel Ideas. That’s it isn’t it? I am Listening and Being guided by Angel Ideas. Be this. Trust this. Live this life as an Angel Idea.

I am grateful for the beautiful concert that played in my home all day yesterday. I am grateful for that beautiful concert I recorded the of Josh Groban and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. I can replay this concert at any time, transporting me to the beautiful world of harmonious blending of music, images, voices, sounds, perfection. I see it. It is already mine…..within. I cannot see it outside of me if it isn’t already present within.

Back to today, Day 11, on the Wealth Journey. I recognize that thought, “paint”, was a compel thought. I felt obliged to paint based upon material perception that I haven’t painted in awhile rather then “impel” as a divine action to paint with inspiration. My actions for the day were harmonious….lasting….beautiful after all even though I didn’t paint.

The day ended with my listening to and appreciating that magnificent Great Performance with Josh and the orchestra singing and playing Italian lyrics that I could not understand with my head yet my heart was able to hear that beautiful music. I was appreciating….seeing….the beauty, talent, harmony expressed by others. No judgment, pure gratitude and appreciation.

I choose, instead of feeling guilty for not ever picking up my paint brush yesterday, to be grateful. Grateful for the day’s activities that lead me to express and appreciate….a clean house, and a wonderful concert.

Who knows, maybe this is the part of “This day as an unfoldment of infinite progress in which every detail is governed by the Law of Love”?

Who knows, maybe today is the day that I take the action and paint, feeling inspired by all the beauty I heard, I hear, I see, I hear again, and again.

Today I take action only on an impel. This feels like an Angel Idea.

“Just be what you are in the moment you are.”

I narrate this somewhat nonsensical day and thought processes I experienced in order to clarify my own thought processes. Yes, I do see the silliness of how thoughts fill up an entire day seeming to keep me away from what I “should” be doing. Yet, what an awareness lesson of expansion and learning.

Even when a day is filled with the mundane, the magical moments of inspirations for learning are all around.

Thank you.

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Walking in the Rain

Posted by Whiz on July 14, 2013

This message came through a friend. Such a beautiful message that I wanted to preserve, so decided to put it on my blog!


Trust that it will come through for you when you click on above link. Simple truths that are gentle reminders for us that we can choose beauty and beautiful things instead of a gloomy response, and pretty music to listen as we read.

I love all of the flow to things that’s growing each day as more of us look for and find these lovely gems to share through blogs, newsletters, and seminars.

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Heron and full moon

Posted by Whiz on July 9, 2013

Another angel idea that’s been highlighted to my thoughts as I follow along this pathway of shifting to wealth-thinking-living-being, over and over and over as I repeat 28-Day Shift to Wealth course, and that I wish to share.

I love the reminder of I AM Omnipresent Mind that never loses or forgets. this is the focus for today’s writing exercise and practice. Perfect diagram for how we remember this Angel Idea throughout our days is to remember this. Practice this.

Nothing is ever lost. This gem that I found a quote this morning fits this discussion. “As far as the moon is concerned, he is always full”. Nathaniel LeTonnerre

Omnipresent Mind never forgets, and never sees us as anything but complete, whole, loving/loved/love. I love thinking from the perspective of One Mind, and now this gentle reminder of the moon always seeing itself as full enhances and enlarges this concept.

I sat with quiet time this morning outside on my balcony over-looking beautiful scenery. I saw a blue heron sitting on the water’s edge. Calm. Steady. Watchful. Poised. Getting a drink, not fishing. It turned towards me so that the eyes appeared to light up as the sun reflected in them, looking directly at me. Such a peaceful sensation filled me.

Never forgets. Such instances remind us of the symbolism that come to us through angel ideas as statements of Truth that help us learn how to trust. No quality of God is ever lost.

Heron represents self determination and self reliance, balance, progress, evolve, explore deeply, able to stand on my own, follow my own path, do variety of tasks. Follow what I know is best rather than the prompting of others and move toward opportunity. With humility. Listening within.

Heron has shown up before for me. This one was blue. I discover that it’s actually called Green Heron yet is a slate blue color, orange legs, and reflective eyes that look orange looking back directly at me, though I was a distance away. Gentle reminders. Angel Ideas. Artistic. Lovely.

Mind never loses or forgets. Repetition. So valuable to remember, so essential for success in all endeavors, yet often over-looked as a vital ingredient-—repetition, practice Being Love. Rather like rewriting of ideas to get further refined with each writing. Rather like repeating 28 Day Shift to Wealth again and again, practice slowly, learn more quickly. Repetition. Spiritual Truth exemplified and shining through Mary Baker Eddy’s writings. God is the vital part, the heart and soul of Love as we move along this path filled with Angel Ideas leading the way.

Eventually all becomes automatic, then, like the moon, we are able to see ourselves as always full. Always complete. Always shining by reflecting Light. Listening. Being.

I Am Omnipresent Mind and Mind never loses or forgets, perfect action for this 12th Day of Continuing Journey of 28 Days of Shifting Perceptions of Wealth (Beca Lewis/Shift Center)

Perfect repetition. Perfect balance. Perfect Love.

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Here I am again!

Posted by Whiz on March 10, 2013

Many months since my last post. Many changes in life, address, life style. Many new discoveries along the way.

Still a resident of South Carolina but no longer in the Upstate. I’ve moved back to the Low Country, Mt Pleasant to be precise. This travel adventure has had many twists and turns that have not been written about in this blog, although they have chronicled from within an on-going adventure called life.

Much of what’s occurred within the last few months came about quickly as I remain open to new ideas, and because of my daughter and granddaughter’s help in finding this lovely new home, and working out many of the preliminary details for me.

New adventure. New location. New possibilities. Beauty and art everywhere along the way.

I moved in January to this location that is less than a mile as a bird flies from where I lived over 20 years ago. A place I am surprised to learn I live. A beautiful place with views of the Wando River, marshes, Live Oak trees, and more.

I’m grateful to be living close to family. I an grateful for re-establishing friendships from long ago. I’m grateful for the smooth transition with what seemed to be an impossible task of down-sizing, moving from 4-bedroom house to 1-bedroom apartment, determining what will fit, what will go. I’m grateful for the freedom of no longer having care and concern about maintenance of house and yard. I am grateful for loving family, friends and neighbors all coming together to make this happen.

Here is view from balcony.

View from balcony

Similar views from my bedroom window so as I awake each morning, this is what I see as I center my thoughts on Truth for the day. One morning after breathing in this beautiful scene, I turned over and my eyes rested upon one of my paintings that I’d painted a number of years ago. One of the few paintings of mine that I brought with me. I love how peaceful I feel when looking at it. I’ve not yet hung it and have it leaning against the wall sitting atop my bookshelves.

As I was looking at this painting one morning, I was struck with how similar to the picture I saw out my bedroom window was the picture I saw in my room. I looked back at the outside view, then back again to the painting. The similarity of the colors, grasses, trees, and water was uncanny. When I painted this painting, the model for it came from no specific place, but rather was a collection from my mind’s eye view plus various reference books coming together on the canvas.

The painting has a barn in it that the view does not. When I painted this painting, my thoughts were on the open spaces of farmland with my adding the barn as part of the setting because I love barns, not because it was a specific barn in specific location.

Now, as I change the fields to marshes, without changing the colors, what I see is it’s as if the painting was modeled while I was looking at the views outside my window.


Or could it possibly be the mind’s eye (as in the divine) seeing this setting long before I did?

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The Life of Flowers

Posted by Whiz on March 3, 2012

The Life of Flowers

Life adventures and learning lessons. Hope that this link is published as planned. It is another example of beauty unfolding all around us….effortless as we stay present and allow this expression! Click on link and enjoy the wonder of blooms unfold

With each viewing of this inspiring video, I am reminded of a sentence from Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy: “Spirit, God, gathers unformed thoughts into their proper channels and unfolds these thoughts, even as He opens the petals of a holy purpose in order that the purpose may appear.” p. 506 Yes. He is opening the petals. I love how gently this appears.

It is our work to trust that this is exactly and precisely what is taking place, and avoid working to force conclusions. As I move through seeming vacant phase of life, I am reminded to turn to a higher sense of God for enlightening thought and how to promote the “Cause of Truth”.

I trust beauty. Wake up and see that the “fields are white already for harvest…”

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“Discoveries” In Search of Beauty

Posted by Whiz on January 31, 2012

I continue on my search for better understanding what beauty is. This is part of my chronicle along the path on the way of discovery as I revisit and/or re-interpret sights and sounds of beautiful.

The word arbutus from last week’s Bible Lesson stood out from the page and caught my attention. I then looked up the word and discovered a picture reminds me of the daphne odora that I have planted in my current yard. Daphne is one of my absolute favorites because of its beautiful fragrance. It is an evergreen shrub that is blooming now, another favorite quality of mine….blooming in cold weather. I discovered this plant while living in Charleston and where I planted several shrubs along the front side walk. The flowers are small and almost non-descript but, oh my, when they’re in bloom, their fragrance filled the entire area. The sweet and spicy (yes, beautiful) fragrance graced the walkway and front yard. It is similar to, but not quite as heavy as, the Confederate Jasmine (another favorite of mine).

Looking up Arbutus:

and discovered that this is a genus of 14 species of flowering plants native to warm, temperate climates of Mediterranean and western Europe, cultivated as ornamentals. Bark & leaves used to create medicines for colds, stomach problems, tuberculosis and even contraceptives. Fruit sometimes distilled into potent brandy (in Portugal) known as medronho, and is known to be great fuel wood that burns hot and long.

daphne odora: is an evergreen shrub known for its very fragrant, pale pink flowers, and glossy foliage, is native to China and Japan. Grows in fertile, acid, well-drained soil, tolerates full sun or partial shade. I am grateful that I planted more of these divine shrubs when landscaping my current home. They’re in bloom right now. I love enjoying the fragrance while walking in the yard. Some of these branches also fill an arrangement, and I am transported to heavenly places each time I pass my dining room table.

Beyond their appearance, both plants do not like root disturbance…..(do any of us?) this similarity can be even more interesting than appearances.

We notice that beauty is felt within even while we recognize it through what we see and hear.

Is beauty in what we see or hear? Or is it what transcends and inspires us?

Is it simply a co-incidence that arbutus captured my attention while on this search to define beauty?


Hello, I’m back!

Posted by Whiz on August 31, 2010

It feels almost like a lifetime ago that I last wrote in this blog.  I apologize for the unannounced leave of absence.  Many travels, inward and outward have gone on since last April.  I will recap some even if not in chronological order.

Last week a friend and I visited the Biltmore Estates in Asheville, NC.  While I have not visited for many years, I loved revisiting and seeing it through the new eyes of the friend who had not ever been there.  It’s such a magnificent place filled with beauty, magic, and tranquility, that it’s difficult not to get transported back in time with thoughts of having lived there in a life of splendor and grandeur in a former life.  Yes, I can well imagine sitting around that dining room table with 40+ of my closest friends and family enjoying an intimate Christmas dinner.

The special feature of this visit was the beautiful floral display made up of thousands of blooms arranged and modeled after a stained-glass window.  Walking around the edges of the garden while taking in the distant mountains and hillsides, I was filled with a sense of peace and wonder, and then viewing the gardens from above standing on the vine-covered balcony overlooking the design, it was truly uplifting.

I found that I had not taken as many pictures as I thought, so  I shall return for more….so grateful that I purchased an annual pass and can make the hour and half trip back there often!

And I shall return with more regularity to this blog to write about more of my travels, discoveries, and many more inspirations.  Thank you for visiting and sharing the adventure.

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Posted by Whiz on March 15, 2010


I listen to this often. I’ve not discerned the import of the message to me yet but I know that it is calling me. So I listen often and patiently wait to know the higher message for me.

Listen to the halleluja, praising.
Hear the beauty of voices and orchestra.

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