About Me

A spiritual seeker. That’s how I’d describe myself. As far back as I remember I have sought spiritual answers to everyday questions. Inquisitive to find the how and why has enabled me to take new roads in new directions without fear, trusting in the One Supreme Law Giver as my only Guide.

Listen. I continue to learn new, deeper ways of listening. Trust. I hear at deeper levels. I trust that voice within is God, that speaks to each of us in language we understand. All we do is stop, listen, trust the unlimited good of what is true. I am grateful to learn that I need not listen to any critical voice. As I no longer give it a place to reside, it moves off and I see beauty everywhere.

I would describe myself as a spiritual seeker, healer, writer, artist, part-time realtor who currently lives in beautiful Upstate South Carolina, with mountains and Lake Keowee nearby for my inspirations and as my current home base.

I love to travel and find new adventures, both near and far, as budget and schedule allows. I love the opportunities for discoveries of spirituality that are within us all.

My three adult children are in various stages of marriage/divorce with two children, one girl, one boy each. All of them (including their significant others, both past and present) are beautiful, unique, delightful individuals, all of whom I love dearly and all make my life richer simply by being who they are and a part of my life.

My major Life discoveries are that Truth is universal, with One Creator, that is called by many different names, called God by me, and that this One creates All and only good, and as I become conscious of this glorious concept, live each moment in what is called now, I discover that all is well. This is what is called healing.

I invite you to Pause. Observe. Listen.

Journey with me and share with one another the beauty expressed has its source in God.

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