Gratitude and a secretary

Posted by Whiz on August 13, 2013

I’ve been working with expanding concepts of wealth and with today’s exercise I have been continuing with the “t” in the word wealth to represent as a reminder of saying “thanks”, expressing thanks for all forms of wealth, everywhere.

Today I looked within to learn whether I have been seeing lack and believing that lack could be true whether in others or myself.

Am I believing that there is poverty in the world? Am I letting this belief tug at my heart, especially when appearing to show up as true for those close to me? Today’s exercise is a perfect reminder. A reminder that I am to stop believing in lack. Reject any and all suggestions looking to say that all may not be safe, secure, or lovingly provided for. Every idea is complete, perfect balance of supply provided by Divine Love, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Divine Love.

I love the practicality of standing with this angel idea of light and inspiration. Taking a stand for omnipresent provision reminds me that appreciation and enjoyment show up in simple ways of endearment each time I stop, look and listen for the many ways it can show up.

It showed up for me this morning while I was making coffee in my mother’s French press coffee maker that she had used for many years. Now, I use this coffee maker. I continue making coffee in perfect supply allowing me to make a single cup of delicious coffee, fresh tasting, without waste. Perfect Provision.

Light and inspiration showed up again when I was noticing the hand-written, oval stickers that my mother had placed above each of the small compartments of her secretary with labels such as, ‘envelopes’, ‘things to save’, ‘to be paid’, ‘paid receipts’, etc., and also one where she wrote the date of her move to South Carolina, ‘moved in, January 1, 1986’.

This secretary, I remember, is from the living room where I lived with my parents before getting married. This same secretary moved to Kentucky when my mother left Ohio after my father died. Next, it moved to Mt Pleasant when mother moved to South Carolina in 1986. Then the next move for the desk was when my mother moved in with us back in 1998 up in Salem, SC. Now with my last move, this secretary has moved with me and once again, we are both back in Mt Pleasant.

I love how this secretary appears custom made as it sits in this new location, my apartment. I love how it is the perfect size fitting into a nook in my apartment and how the secretary now serves as my computer desk, office and work station.

I love seeing those stickers, now fading, that are written in mother’s hand and bring back many sweet memories. I had tried to remove those stickers at one point but couldn’t do so without scratching the wood, and so they remain in place to serve as reminders of love. Reminders of how perfect provision is always available, always with perfect order, always in perfect balance, always fits…..practical solutions for all locations.

All safe, secure, lovingly provided. No Lack. Even before we ask.

Thank you.