Walking in the Rain

Posted by Whiz on July 14, 2013

This message came through a friend. Such a beautiful message that I wanted to preserve, so decided to put it on my blog!


Trust that it will come through for you when you click on above link. Simple truths that are gentle reminders for us that we can choose beauty and beautiful things instead of a gloomy response, and pretty music to listen as we read.

I love all of the flow to things that’s growing each day as more of us look for and find these lovely gems to share through blogs, newsletters, and seminars.

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Heron and full moon

Posted by Whiz on July 9, 2013

Another angel idea that’s been highlighted to my thoughts as I follow along this pathway of shifting to wealth-thinking-living-being, over and over and over as I repeat 28-Day Shift to Wealth course, and that I wish to share.

I love the reminder of I AM Omnipresent Mind that never loses or forgets. this is the focus for today’s writing exercise and practice. Perfect diagram for how we remember this Angel Idea throughout our days is to remember this. Practice this.

Nothing is ever lost. This gem that I found a quote this morning fits this discussion. “As far as the moon is concerned, he is always full”. Nathaniel LeTonnerre

Omnipresent Mind never forgets, and never sees us as anything but complete, whole, loving/loved/love. I love thinking from the perspective of One Mind, and now this gentle reminder of the moon always seeing itself as full enhances and enlarges this concept.

I sat with quiet time this morning outside on my balcony over-looking beautiful scenery. I saw a blue heron sitting on the water’s edge. Calm. Steady. Watchful. Poised. Getting a drink, not fishing. It turned towards me so that the eyes appeared to light up as the sun reflected in them, looking directly at me. Such a peaceful sensation filled me.

Never forgets. Such instances remind us of the symbolism that come to us through angel ideas as statements of Truth that help us learn how to trust. No quality of God is ever lost.

Heron represents self determination and self reliance, balance, progress, evolve, explore deeply, able to stand on my own, follow my own path, do variety of tasks. Follow what I know is best rather than the prompting of others and move toward opportunity. With humility. Listening within.

Heron has shown up before for me. This one was blue. I discover that it’s actually called Green Heron yet is a slate blue color, orange legs, and reflective eyes that look orange looking back directly at me, though I was a distance away. Gentle reminders. Angel Ideas. Artistic. Lovely.

Mind never loses or forgets. Repetition. So valuable to remember, so essential for success in all endeavors, yet often over-looked as a vital ingredient-—repetition, practice Being Love. Rather like rewriting of ideas to get further refined with each writing. Rather like repeating 28 Day Shift to Wealth again and again, practice slowly, learn more quickly. Repetition. Spiritual Truth exemplified and shining through Mary Baker Eddy’s writings. God is the vital part, the heart and soul of Love as we move along this path filled with Angel Ideas leading the way.

Eventually all becomes automatic, then, like the moon, we are able to see ourselves as always full. Always complete. Always shining by reflecting Light. Listening. Being.

I Am Omnipresent Mind and Mind never loses or forgets, perfect action for this 12th Day of Continuing Journey of 28 Days of Shifting Perceptions of Wealth (Beca Lewis/Shift Center)

Perfect repetition. Perfect balance. Perfect Love.

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Glimpsing Truth

Posted by Whiz on July 1, 2013

Today I am standing fast with Truth while knowing that with God ALL things are possible. It is not I that is responsible for making money, for finding supply, for getting things done. Yes, today I am stepping out of worldview that would say that I am responsible as I turn my thoughts to the One Creator.

As I imagine how it would feel to have all those things that I put on a list of things I wish to experience, and as I recognize that I am to have them without work, worry or responsibility, I am required to move thought out of the human and into the divine.

I love to imagine they are present for me now, to do with as I wish, now. and while writing my quality list for how it would feel when these are present, some words remain from previous lists I’ve made while moving through this exercise other times, and yet many continue to carry shining new lights of joy on my spiritual journey, and as I continue spiritual study, there are new words and ideas I keep adding to my list of qualities.

My number one on this list is that nothing is too hard or impossible because there is only One I AM. Yes, this is more than one word quality, but I didn’t know how to shorten the idea yet keep the full meaning. Next, I would feel peaceful. Then, enriched and grateful, of course abundant, next generous, joyful and most of all, loved.

With my study this morning I came across an article that highlighted these ideas surrounding infinite abundance. Asking the question, are there two kinds of economy, business, supply, the answer must be an emphatic, NO! The infinite is One, not two, otherwise it would not be infinite!

So, what is that appears as a human economy?

It is not an alternative to the divine….it IS the divine…misconceived. As I look at these ideas through the lens of material sense, I recognize that I am seeing the false sense and perspective with that mortal view. This is what’s upside down of what is true…..outside of the focal distance of infinity, which in actuality, is no view at all.

There is no such place. All that appears as material condition is mesmerism, illusion.

Illusion cannot make a downturn in the economy, a loss, a need, a fear. All there is to them is the belief they are true.

Mortal mind is an unreal projector and, as in a movie, that which appears to be on the screen, is really within the projector–and stays there in the projector–just as the conditions of mortal mind never leave this mind and remain illusion.

I love correcting this misstatement of fact in thought. The correct perspective—Principle’s interpretation of what is taking place–is the only solution. This transmutes all sense of lack into the consciousness of present and only perspective of the Divine Mind.

Reading a quote from Einstein today, “look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better” fits into this description perfectly. Mary Baker Eddy says we “must look deep into the realism of things rather than accepting the outward sense of things” further refines the idea.

There never has been a loss, market fluctuation, negative factor in the whole of being. The assertion that there are these experiences is all there is to them. Their only power is if accepted true. They’re not true. There is only One Creator. One I AM.

Thank you.

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