In my own back yard

Posted by Whiz on June 19, 2012

A small discovery showed up for me yesterday as I was reminded that beauty is all around us all the time if we notice. I love hydrangeas and grow a variety of different types that are now in bloom in my yard, appreciating the many shades of their blooms. Those soft blues are my favorites. I love to cut and arrange some stems, placing them in a bowl and pitcher that is in wash stand that sits by my front door.

After finishing making that arrangement, several small pieces had broken off and were left over. As these were quite short, barely enough stem to insert into water, none of even my smallest containers would work.

I stood there holding these blooms, looked around, wondering what to do. I couldn’t just throw these beauties away! Then I noticed a container I’d brought inside just that morning that was filled with small, clear Christmas ornaments. I’d intended that these go to Good Will on one of my de-cluttering runs, but somehow this container had gone unnoticed as I made the drop off and has since been sliding around in the back of my car.

They were the perfect size. I pulled the loop end off two of them, then filled with water and voila! Perfect small containers for these beautiful blooms. One problem….they couldn’t stand on their own….no bottom! I walked around house looking for a place to put them and not roll over. I walked out onto deck, noticed the small planter on the table, then wedged them in amongst the leaves and stems, and saw that they were steady.

As it was another lovely evening, I decided later to eat dinner on the deck. As I sat down to enjoy dinner out there, the picture you see above caught my attention. I loved how the blue in the container was highlighted from the blue of the blooms.

The simplicity in construction, the design, colors blue and green in complete harmony, all came together on their own, and captured my eye as they spoke to me. I decided to snap this picture with my cell phone, then emailed it to myself. (a habit I do often when I chance upon a beautiful scene that I want to save when out and about)

I love how beauty shows up. It’s all around us all the time, isn’t it? We only need to stop, observe, appreciate and now, share.

Sometimes the simplest objects bring the most joy.


Why Don’t We Do What We Know Works and How We Recognize the Lie?

Posted by Whiz on June 14, 2012

I have not written recently in my blog. I have neglected writing my Morning Pages. Both areas of writing are beneficial as they help in getting random thoughts out of my head and down on the paper. Morning pages especially have proven beneficial to addressing this idea as it gets busy and heavy within when left to rumble around and around in thought!

“Morning pages”, so called, is the practice of writing early each morning, sitting down to write before the day’s demands rush in to write down whatever may be traveling through our thoughts. Writing constantly, no stopping, critiquing or correcting grammar or spelling, and without lifting hand from page until three pages have been written. The purpose for this? To clear away that clutter from our head, to make room for thoughts from the heart….messages within…to have room to grow.

Sometimes that voice that sounds like it’s us speaking. It pretends to be helpful, pretends to be constructive, yet all the while it’s creeping in, taking up space, crowding out angel thoughts until we are tricked into believing that that’s our voice, or even worse….God’s voice talking. How we determine whether it’s the talking serpent/liar or not is when we look within to determine how we feel after hearing and listening to the message. Does the message bring a sense of peace? Does it bring a sense of not good?

After writing this morning’s “morning pages”, a piece of yellow paper caught my attention. Where it came from or even how it happened to be on my table at that moment are not clear. But the words were definitely for my attention and consideration. These words were written in my handwriting, not my regular hand writing, but with my left-handwriting, a practice I had to do for several weeks while recovering from a broken shoulder. This left-hand writing was very distinctive, yet recognizably my hand writing practice from several years ago. Definitely attention getting with this slip of paper showing up this morning.

The words I had written and now read were, “It’s a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible and how to find the miracle of joyful living from my own life circumstances.” I do not know what the “it” may have been in reference to….perhaps a tree or bird or plant that had been brought into focus at that time. What it brought into focus for me now was that this message was not easy to hear.

Why has this message resurfaced for me? Especially now with many thoughts popping in and out of my thinking that are trying to say there is not much miracle or success going on? Gratefully I recognize that this is not my true voice that speaks with such thoughts.

Yes, I have succeeded in finding time for quietly listening. For gratitude. For healing thoughts and messages for friends and family. Then that voice comes in with messages that I must do more. That there is not enough…time, money, buyers, clients, listings, income, investments, savings, paintings, successes. No, this cannot be true in this perfect balance of God, good, the One and only Creator kingdom filled with love, harmony and perfection.

Yes, I see demonstrated in remarkably moving and profound ways–small in the physical realm—that do bring moments of clarity. Then that voice that claims to be me sneaks in with niggling thoughts, “you need to do more….”

Ah-Ha! Now I hear it—-this voice….no longer speaking to me with the “I’ word. I have been alert to detecting that voice’s messages and was not listening to as often. So, now it comes in the form of “you”, as if there is another speaking to me from my within. This is a judging voice that sits within and tells me messages about what “you should be doing”. I’ve been listening! But….

Again I say, ah-ha! Now “you” have been seen, recognized……that is not my voice, not God’s voice, not my mother’s voice, children’s voices, nor business, nor articles, not anyone that I need to listen to. It is the subtle….and sometimes not so subtle….voice of error, the talking serpent! I KNOW there is no such thing. Yet with it coming in such a way that I have not been quite as alert to dismiss or to turn it out of thought and say, “get thee behind me…..” You have no reality, no truth, no validity, no creator, no foundation, no……anything that can attach itself to anyone.

The only seeming validity it can appear to possess is for us to believe it…the lie….to be true. A lie once seen as false simply fades into obscurity.

Thank you morning pages. Thank you God. Thank you angels for this small piece of yellow paper showing up today. Thank you for the articles and awareness about serpent showing up. All of this truly is the miracle of joyful living from my own life circumstances.

Even when lulled into brief periods of unawareness, I better recognize that was not me. There is only One, I AM. All is now. All is love.

That feels so much lighter!