Dance Lessons

Posted by Whiz on February 12, 2011

After stopping at the post office this morning mailing out Valentine’s, I was captivated by the beauty of the day. It spoke to me, awakening my sense of adventure. So instead of turning left to return home, I turned to the right and traveled north deciding to visit my favorite overlook for quiet reflecting and reading time. It was a perfect day‚Ķlots of sunshine with clear skies to enjoy the beautiful scenic views.

I wasn’t the only one with this same idea. There were many other people stopping to enjoy the view. Some stayed in their cars. Many got out to take pictures. One elderly couple very deliberately and carefully parking their car, then getting out and walking slowly over to the edge for a better view the scene at the outlook. They both were walking slowly a bit hunched forward.

It was chilly but I had my window open to enjoy the fresh air and could hear some of their conversation. “Let me take your picture.” “No, you let me take your picture.” So I asked if they’d like me to take a picture of the both of them together, and they delightedly answered “yes that would be great!”

After taking several pictures of them together with their happy smiles and the expansive views of Lake Jocassee in the background, they were reluctant to leave and were eager to chat. They asked if I was familiar with the area and whether I had any idea of when the dancing season would start. I do know the area but am unfamiliar with when and where the dancing happens in these parts!

They were excited to talk about their dancing experiences, telling how they’re usually out dancing sometimes 4 and 5 times a week, dancing, teaching dancing of all kinds, including country line dance, the tush push, the Shag and many others. The wife told of how her husband was always teaching people how to dance no matter where he was, even giving dance lessons in the Wachovia Bank! I marveled at all they shared and told them it sounded wonderful even as I was wondering to myself how could they dance when it appeared they could barely walk.

He then asks me, “Do you think I could teach someone how to dance the Shag in just two minutes?” I told him I bet he could. He then says, “How about if I teach you right here? Would you like to learn how to dance the Shag in just two minutes? Are you willing to try?” So I answer, “well okay, sure, let’s give it a go.” He then takes my hand, turns to face me, tells me to copy his footwork, and then begins his count, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, step back with your right foot on 7, and 8.” Repeating, :1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, step back on 7, 8″, over and over. I stayed up with his demonstration, copying his steps. He then starts moving around in circles, continuing with the “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8”, twirling me under his arm, first one way and then back the other. There I am. Dancing the Shag. In less than two minutes. Along a sloped roadside no less.

I now know how to dance the Shag. My dance instructor reminds me that now I know the steps, but I need to practice, practice, practice, all day long, all around my house. Hour after hour, no matter what, just keep the count, alternating left, right, stepping back on the 7 count with the right foot. Practice these same steps. That’s all there is to it, even when changing tempo and rhythms.

Then they showed me their Shag dance routine, danced with much flair and with a flow that gave evidence of their many years of dance partnering together, although no evidence of the hunched over slow walking couple that I saw as they approached the overlook.

What a delightful study time I had this morning. Be willing. You never know what treasures will unfold with your day.

And that’s how I happened to take dance lessons on an overlook alongside a roadway under the Carolina blue sky! Now I need to find some beach music to practice my dance steps.

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